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22 Ways to combat Fitness & Clarity of Mind
I also believe backwardsRider is a cure to heal the human mind and body. This may accumilate proper perceptions and progressive cognitive reasoning. In other words that company which you see me talking about is another solution in aiding mankind in healthy living and being concscientious about the respect for your nieghbor(hood) We believe that what those who work in the medical, scientist, or technology fields are right about the human being mental condition. I don't have a badge of honor, phd or any kind of government certificate for any of the work I do or have done so far, however I know now that I might have discovered a can of worms as some might say it. I believe that I am now healing myself through this backwardsRider social network. So as this company spawns into the end of a century for positive light beings we welcome you to a journey of a lifetime. It is relativelty possible to comprehend what it means to travel in the future. BackwardsRider exercise allows for that to happen whether you realized it or not. My theory will show that the propect already exist and there is evidence of it every where it is a matter to from a point of a wide field of vision .   

I believe that if one were to travel facing the backwards position.
 ( meaning if the vehicle that you are/ were in were going east. The position that you are/ were in was west. Let us say that, now at the velocity that one can withstand without getting upset, and the frequency of that activity or session participated should yield over time a initiate change in the neurophysiology or enhance the aptitude of a person more ready than we or scientist may have imagined.)
To then participate in those particlar exercise that cause the neuropsychosis would then beable to collapse time to achieving education to the highest degree is what the funds raised to educate oneself does. To the extent that new pathways would be created for neurons to go through may have many answers in the many problems this civilizations may find its self in as a community that may comprimise even the faith.

Most people in many different place in this dimension involunteerily, unconciously to some degree travels backwards without even thinking about it. It is the concious and frequency of velocity that increases the posiblity of transformation, transmutation, and astro travelling aspect in a more awaking state as the individual gains conciousness into its higher self/ realms of different realities.

Finally backwardsRider Fitness Training Power Program allow you to gain what we lost since the down fall of mankind
No amount of money can pay for this how you can now be in control from now on in the development of your mind, like actually and the flow of its energies in a stylized, packaged way suitable to your neurophysiological etc. needs let us say it like that for example.

Am sure in particular studies in what the effects of travelling backwards does , will reveal many therapeutic and rehabilitative benefits and values
 As we spend the days ahead of we hope to find a student, company or associate that are conducting studies in this regard. (BackwardsRiders)
Scientist say we use 5% and half of the right side of our brain. We all grew up being told that, is this not true that we all heard it like that. Now that this information is confirmed from one to another. Let us study further on this topic of brain or iq performances. We have supporting material from a professional standpoint.

What other support videos or text let us say tthat we may find to lend evidence of a portal to the advancement of mankind. In combination with remedies such as diet, meditation and exercise. I find for the most part right now is working to keep upright and on the correct path in my life.

Neurophysiology, Neuropsychology 
Similar to physical exercises that enhance the body's muscles, neurotherapy “exercises” those weak areas to improve their efficacy. 

CTA Tattler: The fear of riding backwards - 6:33am

18 May 2006 ... When I first moved to Chicago in 1991, I could not ride the train going backwards with getting extremely nauseous. ...

Rear-Facing Seats

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