Backwards Rider International Airlines

Universal Enterprise
Normal Birth Delivery/ Upside down Backwards, Baby Stroller & Sling, Backstroke, Row Boat,
Back Flip, Escalator, Elevator, Slide, Treadmill, Stationary Bicycle, Trust Fall, Giant Swing.

 You are reading this blog now, at which point it is for the one to take notice as the 
 Mother of all ship cloak is wearing off to make the huge container visible after eons.
 Marcus Mosiah Garvey called it the Black Star Liner 
 I call it the Backwards Rider

 We are ready to take off from the launch pad and you are just in time to now only 
 realize you must only run, jump, and grab on to a seat and take the trip backwards 
 holding on as tight as possible as you feel yourself in motion as the vessel
you are increases in speed for
 every altitude

Wake up a sleeping giant...  You!  

(One reminder) 
Take the ride backwards. 

Only if you are coming home. 

Support the movement. 

Call us when you are lost and cannot find, your way back home!?

1st Class Company
Backwards Rider Commercial Light Ships