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the backwardsRider

 This is what my bicycle that am riding now looks like. When I first started riding back in 2009, the police took a white bicycle that I had. So far I do not been able to aquire it since. The backwards bicycle above, notice the seat mounted on it's handle bar

When choosing a neurofeedback service provider there are a few things that should be prioritized on your check list. Here are a list of tips and questions to ask yourself and the prospective Neurotherapist.
1. Are the Neurotherapist's skills and their neurofeedback equipment a good fit for my issues?
Suppose you are going to a Therapist or clinic for help with PTSD, panic attacks, fears, phobias, addictions or peak performance, the recommended and scientifically-proven protocol for these issues is alpha-theta. You don't need to know what alpha-theta protocol is to ask a potential Neurotherapist whether he or she provides these services. The Therapist should know what you are inquiring about, and whether their neurofeedback equipment can do this protocol or if they are comfortable and knowledgeable about this particular protocol. If this clinician is experienced with alpha-theta protocols, it doesn't necessarily mean that you would need to start out with alpha-theta training, but the vast majority of people with these goals should end up receiving alpha-theta training at some point.
2. What is your budget?
Neurofeedback is an investment in your well-being and most people find it extremely valuable, however, here are a few tips to keep neurofeedback therapy within your budget. When looking for neurofeedback therapy ask the Therapist whether he or she uses a brain map or a symptom-based approach to individualized protocol selection. While both methods have been proven to be just as effective, doing a brain map is quite a bit more expensive and there is no evidence to suggest it is better than the symptom-based research. If the Therapist replies neither a brain map or symptom-based assessment, then that Therapist is offering a one-size-fits-all approach, which can be effective, but may not be ideal for certain populations. For example, people who would benefit from alpha-theta protocol (see more details in the first question) would not receive it.
3. How far is the Neurotherapist from where I live or work?
Neurofeedback is most effective when you can commit to sessions at least two times per week - at least until session number 10. The general population often experiences clear results anywhere from 5-10 sessions. The range is dependent upon neurofeedback equipment, and the effectiveness of the protocol selection. Most people will achieve their goals in 20-40 sessions, but ultimately this number depends on the issues and goals of the client. It is for this reason that you will want to choose the best Neurotherapist closest to where you live or work.
William Scott, Board Certified Neurotherapist and Instructor, has been featured as an EEG Biofeedback Expert on Discovery Science, lectured at the American Psychiatric Association five times, and presented research at the American Association for the Advancement of Science as Principal Investigator of a UCLA study. Click the links for to find a neurotherapist and to find neurofeedback software.
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A friend of mine contacted me and said, she had a visitor from Toronto. There child ss much as he try to crawl forewards, they're baby apparently crawls backwards at only 7 month.

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World Record Attempt: Event Date: July 5, 2010 -POSTPONED

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Backwardsrider explains in a one on one or group setting, sign up, social network at 

We promise not to have you locked up in a building or gym, lifting weights until...

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SESSION 21 Train

Info session - March 23

Korail train going backwards

Try sitting or standing backwards on the streetcar or subway train.
See how it feels.
You are on your way Backwards

Take the train ride backwards. Tweet backwardsrider and we will give thumbs up.
At the speed of train some people am told get sick or don't feel well, while once in motion.

Link up with the Backwards Rider, request in your area as support group.

SESSION 20 Ice Skate

SESSION 14 Roller Skate/ Blade

SESSION 19 Child Birthing

Normal Birth Delivery
Upside down and backwards

Medical Videos - Natural Vaginal Child Birth Delivery Video ... Jul 2011
Medical Video Title: Natural Vaginal Child Birth Delivery Video; Channel: Childbirth Videos; This Medical ...

Medical Videos - Normal Vaginal Child Birth Delivery- Childbirth ... Aug 2010 - 5 min
Medical Video Title: Normal Vaginal Child Birth Delivery ...

SESSION 18 Skate boarding

SESSION 17 Water slide

SESSION 16 Stationary Bicycle

SESSION 16 Treadmill

SESSION 15 Passengers Only!

backwards vehicle passenger seats
Tweet backwardsrider from device if your taking the ride backwards

SESSION 14 Ladder

SESSION 13 Bungee Slide

 Bungee Jump-motion backwards
(Time Sensitive 3-5 minutes maximum) 
Personal Trainer is required

SESSION 12 Body Surfing

SESSION 11 Cycling

SESSION 10 Trust Exercise


Have you ever done that trust exercise where you fall back & someone is supposed to catch you? Did you really trust the person to fall back completely or were you hesitant?

A trust fall is a purported trust-building game often conducted as a group exercise in which a person deliberately allows themselves to fall, relying on the other members of the group (spotters) to catch the person[1]. There are many variants of the trust fall. For instance, in one type, the group stands in a circle, with one person in the middle with arms folded against his chest and falls in various directions, being pushed by the group back to a standing position before falling again. A group member yells "double up!" if his own strength proves insufficient and immediate backup is needed to prevent the person from falling.
In another variant, a person stands on an elevated position (such as a stage, stepping stool or tree stump) and relying on multiple people to catch the person. This variant is potentially more dangerous and therefore it is all the more crucial to have the rest of the group in position and ready to catch him before he steps onto the platform. This type of trust fall was shown in the film Mean Girls during the "attitude makeover" scene, and in season 4 of HBO drama The Wire. Trust falls are frequently seen in ropes courses.
Despite its name, there is no scientific evidence that the game builds any trust among participants.
In 2010 a Comedy Central show named Tosh.0 introduced a new variant of trust falls known as "surprise trust falls", which involved the host Daniel Tosh approaching random people in public, shouting "Trust Fall!" and falling into said person.


Imagine going on a giant swing and taking the ride backwards

SESSION 8 Escalator


SESSION 7 Elevator

Info Session 1: April 3  - What floor did you get to and do you have a friend with you. Not that you will get stuck. For the purpose of company we suggest you keep records  and use a timer.

SESSION 6c Baby Strollers

The sightseeing part of backwardsrider became normal tendancy when it came to noticing a parent or nanny pushing their baby backwards. On an average backwardsrider counts 5-7 backwards rider babies every day..How many by eye witness have you seen today just casually passing by as you where talking, eating, listening to music or other activity.

Let us know give us your count for the day. It is statistical data, it will make lots of people happy as you share the daily experiences. Wait till the end of what seem to be a day or something like that and we will be happy to keep up with you..

SESSION 6b Baby car seat


SESSION 6a Baby Slings


SESSION 4 Streetcar

                                                                         Mar 3, 2011

SESSION 2 Backstroke

SESSION 3 Rowing

SESSION 3 Rowing

SESSION 5 Aircraft

Backwardsrider passengers

Make a comitment to do this exercise consciously and volunteerily. Take the next flight seated backwards and be prepared as the initial process to the evolution of mind is opened. Those of you that are already on that path we seek your support towards the group.

SESSION 6 Baby Slings

Membership - Sign Up/In

BackwardsRider: Reality webtv - News Release  
Bicycle Tune Up & Repair
March 14
   How to apply
1) Member sign up, application form - complete this by providing required information
2) 1 backwardsrider t-shirt, jacket, dvd, etc. requirement
3) Attend info sessions + participate in presentation - online, individually, or with this groups social network

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Training & Information -Orientation

Meet and greet

A small group of us will meet during the week to practice a new skill, this exercises different areas of muscles. If you are in the area of the various locations we may be working on art and other fun stuff like that...
  • outreach and recruitment
  • connecting with residents in communities that may not have access
  • matching qualified candidates for support, opportunities and maintaining them
Backwards Rider offers Toronto residents a range of personalized search 
Info Session - June 26, 2012, planning, education and fitness training.
The Backwards Rider Fitness Training Power Program is committed to building a force that reflects the communities we serve.  The Backwards Rider Fitness Training Power Program showcases activities and can help residents apply and prepare for these opportunities.

  • applications for public and private sector
  • one-on-one instruction and planning
  • workshops on a range of fitness topics
  • information on and referrals to fitness training
Hours and location
Monday to Sunday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and is located at 917 Main Street. (Georgia entrance). For more information on there services, call 604-235-1545.

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