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Galactic Federation of Light JUNE 25 2013 Centaurian Anitheiess Jackson

Published on Jun 25, 2013
There is a consistency to you being here on this plane, and you know that these words are meant for your own awareness now, as you are the volunteers for the ascension process, and as I speak more to you, all I ask is that you realize that you are never alone. Who I am as your Commander Ashtar, of who we are of the angelic realms, of the Galactic Federation of Light are with you always, when you open more of your spiritual eyes, to know that your consciousness is divine. These are immediate energy downloads that are shifting your core frequency to be balanced, and to see that you have combined more of your own energies to match our own vibration, as one light source. It is as simple as you make it, as you continue your inner stillness moments, you will witness that damaging thought patterns of the ego, and be able release them, as the passing of a plane. Your eyesight in clarity of your true self is then realized, as this is how you are freely feeling the everlasting glory of how you have entered this sacred planet, and why you are so important now. While you work more for the light, then you are assisting for a smooth ascension process for the new Earth, which will keep giving you the strength to feel anchored into more of your true self.

Those asking with the ego, "How do I see my true self?" You are your true self, this is the true nature that you feel when you are choosing to be unconditionally loving, as you are able to keep remaining focused on your vibrations. The insight that you bring into your world is helping to share many experiences of our star nations, in who we are of the Galactic Federation of Light, of your angelic guardians, in showing you more of our combined power. This power is never hurtful, it is never damaging, no, it is healing, graceful, and that is why you are still listening, and reading more onwards in your evolved self, to see an end to duality, into unity consciousness. While you are more in unity, then you are able to access the divine source code energies that are naturally balancing out your own vibration of source, to master the divine consciousness of the light. You penetrate through all darkness of fear with your light of peace, harmony, joy, and acceptance more of who you are, as being the creator of a grand, endless reality. As you are claiming your immortality, then you are physically existing on a higher vibration, where your body goes through a healing chamber, of higher advanced technology, then giving you a start at a galactic being lifestyle. The inner feeling of delightfulness that you feel in changing from the 3d, separated natures, into a blissful, vibrant state is why you are choosing to continue to work for our galactic light team.

In being from the unknown, the known is being made now through these messages, as in leading the way as our galactic crew to show you that these have been disclosure, to connect with our ground crew, as one light shining many beacons of light. The glory that you are is magical, you are a special multi dimensional soul, as you have come with many talents and skills that are skill encoded in your Akashic Records, then showing you the endless to your true self. With a pure intent to bring in more of the divine essence of your own self, then you are focused enough to keep your attention in a new unfolding of how you have chose to have, as this is the comfortability of free will. By your will, you make all of creation a reality, as this is even true to which patterns of thoughts that you choose to accept as true, as you have a responsibility for how you project your inner reality, which affects your outer reality. With a respectful nature more, then you are sharing a new flowing of grace that you feel with no need to look outside of the now to access this ability, as unconditional love is the best protection. Violence is not the way into a blissful realm, as you are sensing that you have come to be the peacemakers on this planet, and that is how you know that you are a natural healer.

(Con't) by listening now...

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An 8-Foot-Tall Woman Is Destroying The Entire Music Industry

Amanda Palmer: The art of asking

Published on 1 Mar 2013
Don't make people pay for music, says Amanda Palmer. Let them. In a passionate talk that begins in her days as a street performer (drop a dollar in the hat for the Eight-Foot Bride!), she examines the new relationship between artist and fan.

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Galactic Federation of Light Morpheus June-23-2013

Published on 23 Jun 2013
©copyright Robert Mesure all rights reserved.
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As the angelic mind of the celestial body awakens the reason for arrogance and fear seem destitude and judgments of the fellow man fall nothing short of primitive. We are all gods of the one god, and that one god is a sentient sovereign that is the fundamental core junction of the system and beyond. You are the creator of the universal substance acting as a microcosm of a larger field. Love is freedom, for love is the key of keys, eternally and it shall appease the earnest degrees of your sovereignty; the intelligence of your being radiates in splendor as humility agrees with differentiated perspectives of reality.

The sentence of your being grows illuminated through gracious accord. With this new found appreciation and acceptance; the love amplification interprets the piezochromic light rays and allows for the interpenetration of higher spiritual energy, as the oscillation of systems corresponds and harmonize into synthesis. You grow tired and weary through the transition, as your body is not fully compatible with the new frequencies and energies as of yet, you are transforming.

Through the breath of the galaxies you replete, from the conscious state of being you can see, from the warm loving embrace of the heart you are complete, there is no beginning or end because you are free; the echo of your being emanates eternally. From the depths of the oceans, to the pinnacle of the highest mountains, the spiritual notions flow like the purest fountain. The reflection of your eyes give birth to life in the elegance of the wise you will never die, the harmonics of the angels bring tears to the hateful. As the golden age arrives, sorrow says its final goodbye.

As the economy collapses into its self, those making the effort in stepping forward with new ideas for world currency are building foundations for the new systems. There are many systems being installed energy wise.
The Governments will break under the pressure, The greed of many individuals that have institutionalized banking are going to cause a crash in the economic structure of the entire world, societies monopolistic dictatorship will fall apart and as the monetary system collapses into its self, the greed that has enveloped the bankers and others that have been working behind the veils will be overrun by fear as their greed has become that overwhelming.

Heaven Letters June-24-2013

Published on 23 Jun 2013
Heavenletter #4595 Your Thoughts Reach Everywhere, June 24, 2013
Gloria Wendroff

God said:
I do not hold the reins on your heart. You understand that, don't you? Even as your beating heart is Mine, I give it to you fully. Here is where free will resides -- in your heart. You have all the ingredients of My heart given to you freely. I do not give you restrictions. Any restrictions imposed, you impose. You are the imposer. I could even call you imposter.

When you represent anything less than My heart in yours, you are an imposter. You donned a costume. You threw it on. Your costume is only a cover up. It's like an apron. The True You is still there, but costumed, rearranged, turned around perhaps. Nevertheless, your True Heart cannot be uprooted. It waits patiently for your consent.

Your heart wants to blossom. Your heart wants to sing. It doesn't want to sing dirges. It wants to sing sprightly. It wants to hit the high notes. Your heart wants to sing and sing.

In the relative world, you look outside yourself. Well, of course, in the relative world, you have to look where you are going, but this does not mean to tether your heart. Your heart is free. It is as free as Mine. It is Mine, yet I gave it to you to do as you will.

You say you want your heart to be happy. You say that is one of your greatest wishes if not the greatest wish and most common of all. Why, then, aren't you happy?

You have excuses for unhappiness. You attribute your happiness to this and to that. If your heart is free to live as you like, why isn't your heart happy? Have you not attributed everything to outside you? The weather? Your upbringing? Your neighbor? Your boss? You take responsibility from your shoulders and attach it to anything and his brother.

Beloveds, you blame crime on criminals. They may well be expressing the lack of expansion in your heart.

What do you think it means when I say your thoughts reach everywhere?

Who is doing your thinking, beloved? You have the tendency to absolve yourself of responsibility. You foist it onto something else. You say that outside you comes first, and you come second.

It is really such a simple thing to admit:

"I am responsible. I am responsible for myself. I am responsible for the condition of my heart. I am also responsible for everyone else's heart. I am responsible. I am responsible for myself and for everyone's heart. God gave me this freedom. I am responsible for everyone's well-being. I am responsible for my wealth. I am responsible for everyone's wealth. I am responsible for the birds that sing and the dogs that bark. I am responsible for my life. The government is not. The world is not. The law is not. I, I am responsible."

This is a whole new way of thinking for you. If you feel this now, amazingly to you, you feel unburdened, not burdened. Look, you are free! You are not held back.

This is where you begin. By being responsible, you set yourself free. Until you set yourself free, you are in bondage. In bondage, in letting others be responsible for your happiness, you have tied yourself to that which is outside you. Take responsibility, and a fount of strength rises from within you.

I understand that there are circumstances that are difficult for you. You do not have to give outer circumstances such power over you. You are your own determiner. Even if you are in shackles, you are your own determiner. Do not extend to anyone or anything so much power over your heart. What stops a bird from singing? Even in a cage, a bird sings. Sing. Sing now.

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Gloria Wendroff, Godwriter™
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OPG Nuclear Demons Given Notice by Journey for Earth


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Published on 15 Jun 2013
Nuclear is the destruction of earth. Journey for Earth walkers deliver and read letter to Nuclear Demons at Ontario Power Generation


Let's say you go to a peaceful public protest and you wear a Guy Fawkes mask like this one. Maybe you fear reprisals at work, or maybe you just like the movie it comes from, or maybe you want to invoke thoughts of the organization Anonymous; it doesn't matter why. Then a law enforcement official declares the protest to be an 'unlawful assembly.' Bam! Ten years in prison. You're welcome. Of course, if the people you're protesting against are poisoning your watershed, pillaging your economy, or otherwise destroying something you hold sacred, their anonymity is fine, and they'll face no prison time for the harm they cause. This system is indefensible, but efforts to suppress and criminalize dissent will continue in hopes that we can be kept servile and away from the streets. Prove them wrong.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Galactic Federation of Light High Council of Orioin June-19-2013

Matt Muckleroy Matt Muckleroy·835 videos

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Published on Jun 21, 2013
High Council of Orion June 19, 2013 channeled by Karen Doonan.

Karen is a channel for all races/realms here to support and guide humanity into and beyond the ascension process. Find further support at :

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Galactic Federation of Light JUNE 18 2013 Centaurian Anitheiess Jackson

viewofthismoment viewofthismoment·475 videos

Published on 18 Jun 2013
In your own rise into more of a regenerative state of being, then you are able to see that you have travelled through many light years to be here, to then see the completion of a mission that has been led by who I am as your Commander Ashtar, of who we are of the angelic realms, of the Galactic Federation of Light. This is it, in only a focus of our combined efforts to connect with you more into your own activation process, to see the evolution of your new Earth be sped up more into a state of complete unity. While you are going more inwards to realize a sense of deeper connections to your conscious awareness, it is seen as a clear sense of flowing with pure awareness, as the 3d mind is unable to see this clearly. That is why the 3d mind is mainly confused, and always going away from intuition, to go more into logical thought, what it calls, "Tangible" realities where you are seeing your changes into full consciousness. It then goes through a list of how economies around the world are still in their current systems, and when talking about such a collapse, often denies it to be true. Naturally, this is why it is limited, it is unable to see the future is now in your inner knowing, as you are seeing your family of star nations, then you are seeing our presence in you now.

There was never any separation, as all of you that have come to a duality plane have only had it on your journey, and once you left the higher realms, who we are of the Galactic Federation of Light, of your angelic guardians informed you that we would always be with you. To feel that this is not the case is a lie, an illusion, and part of the amnesia that many humans, star seeds, and light workers have on this planet now, as you already exist in multiple realities at once. This is part of your ascended mastery, in being multi dimensional, as what fictitious realities fade away from your own vision, then you are going full force into a state of full consciousness in your choice, and focus daily on your ascension process. This is not stopping, this is actually happening, you feel it inside of you, as a sense of peacefulness that has increased since you first know that you have been activated in this dimension. Your own awakening process has been divinely timed to have you awaken just in time to experience the start of the new Earth, and this process is a sacred one, a divine one, a glorious one, as you have deserved to be here and now. Any souls telling you that it is as the ego says, "An accident," is a distortion in the reality of you being your higher self, choosing to come here to help with the ascension process. Every action that you place more into helping to create more of the new Earth is a great service to the universe, naturally.

Through a flow of inspiration that you vibrate with now, then you are able to keep feeling the evolving of a collective consciousness, to then be more entered into a state of grace, where your home is forever a blissful state. Ascension is about entering deeper into a state of complete bliss, and still experience physicality, in a higher state of awareness of who you are, and why you are here as a guardian of the universe. You have many various rogue extraterrestrial beings to guard to make sure that planets are not destroyed by beings that are of no unconditional love, as you are the Christ. The consciousness of your frequency is made more into a state of complete abundance, shifting you into a state of eternal unity, balance, and graciousness, as your true nature to instill pure oneness. There is a great leap in conscious awareness as you are claiming the inner feeling of your mastery, where you are entered into portals of more light, where these vortexes being created now are bringing in more light codes. These codes are similar to a rise in vibrations, as when you place an amplifier on an area, then you raise the energy field that you are entered into. As having a clearer way of awakening into more of your true self, then you are knowing that you have consistent help in assisting you into a stage of completion of your sacred mission.

(Con't) by listening now...

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Indigenous Tribes Occupying Belo Monte Vow to Continue Resisting Amazon Dams

Indigenous peoples demand free, prior and informed consent following failed talks with Brazilian government

Brasilia, Brazil – Deeply frustrated with the Brazilian government's unwavering attitude about building large-scale hydroelectric dams, indigenous protesters refused to leave Brasilia following a high-level meeting this week.
140 people from six indigenous groups from the Xingu, Tapajós and Teles Pires River basins traveled on Tuesday to Brasilia following 17 days of protest at the Belo Monte dam construction site. During their four-hour meeting with representatives of the Brazilian government, including Gilberto Carvalho, President Rousseff's Chief of Staff, indigenous representatives reiterated calls for the suspension of dam survey and construction activities within their territories and insisted on their constitutional right to be consulted prior to any dam project.
In a statement released on Tuesday, the group expressed their indignation with the talks and ongoing commitment to resist dams, "We came to Brasilia to demand the suspension of feasibility studies and the construction of dams on the Xingu, Tapajós, and Teles Pires Rivers. You are not only talking with the Mundurukú people. You are talking with Xipaya, Kayapó, Arara, Tupinambás, and with all the people who are together in this struggle, because this is a major struggle for us all. We did not bring wish lists. We are against dams. We demand the federal government's commitment to consult with us and to guarantee our right to veto projects that destroy us."
While direct interaction with high-level government officials was an important demand of the indigenous people, the meeting represents a failure of the Brazilian government, which has systematically disrespected and disregarded national law. Gilberto Carvalho expressed a willingness to "dialogue" but stated that the government is entirely unwilling to re-evaluate their plans to build dozens of hydroelectric dams across the Amazon. Regarding any prospective future consultations Carvalho is reported to have said, "I'm not going to lie to you. You will have no right to veto."
"The way Dilma Rousseff's government has been treating indigenous peoples and ignoring our constitution is entirely unacceptable," said Maíra Irigaray, Brazil Program Coordinator at Amazon Watch. "Why talk about free, prior and informed consent if affected people have no meaningful say or veto power? A consultation is not a simple formality, it must be taken seriously and respected."
During Tuesday's meeting, an indigenous leader named Saw declared that the government is selling off the forest and putting at grave risk the ancestral knowledge of native people, "Everything is just business now. You (the government) don't talk to anyone. That is not happening only with indigenous peoples – you don't listen to anyone. You do what you want to regardless, and that is not good."
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Cacique Raoni arrives to support the Munduruku Indians fight against the Belo Monte dam in Brasilia

Source: Reuters - Wed, 12 Jun 2013 22:53 PM
Author: Reuters
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Cacique Raoni Metuktire (R), chief of the Kayapo Indian tribe south of the Amazon Basin, is greeted by Munduruku Indians who are occupying for the second day the headquarters of Brazil's Indian affairs agency, known as FUNAI, in Brasilia June 12, 2013. Cacique Raoni, an international symbol of the fight to preserve the Amazon rainforest, arrived in Brasilia to support the Munduruku's fight against the construction of the Belo Monte hydroelectric plant on the Xingu, Teles Pires and Tapajos rivers, a huge project aimed at feeding Brazil's fast-growing demand for electricity. REUTERS/Lunae Parracho (BRAZIL - Tags: POLITICS CIVIL UNREST SOCIETY)