Sunday, January 22, 2012

Backwards Babies - Newbies

Jan 25,
Am on my way where the streets are not as friendly as it may seem sometimes. Am riding my bicycle backwards as usual and on the wrong way trailing along all the cars the take up all the space to park only to hear a cop yell out to me while already having a motorist stopped.

Am looking for a washroom to use since I was not feeling well and now I have  to what hold my spoils to get off the road because he says it, am am try to find the washroom as fast as I can. He radios a cruiser to chase me down, by a cop who at the time was his car in reverse, coming after me, I felt like I was in the movie you know the Terminator 1 where the police is after that kid while he was playing video games

Jan 24, 2012, I met Esau whom I saw in my dream 2 days ago  leading me to a room (hotel) but I realized that he need to be in the best at that point I offered to stay safe with my in the forest where there is fresher air quality. Until it was 5 in the morning we reasoned at aspoke about his Majesty's glory and life that we have from him until we had to go to sleep to gain energy enough to have the daylight coming!!!. At about noon tide I arose for an appointment where  the 19 year old boy was to leave with the things he need and I we left as soon as we can. Missed Andrew and saw JP 2. now am at the Gathering Place Community Centre  thinking about those peanuts, chocolate and beef jerky and what it was worth...Jah lives

On Jan 21, Saturday evening as we got closer to the new camp site that Pat and those guys were at before they said we took a break at a stop off where some boats docked, catch water from a fountain and rested a little.

 Then as we talked I stilled heard chatter about the way I still rode my bicycle. One thing led to another and before I knew once again I was explaining how to begin this amazing exercise Backwards Rider Movement. Zach, John Paul and Prophet John (OCCUPIERS in VANCOUVER)one at a time tried doing the backwards riding on a mountain bicycle on a flat surface and then we moved on to a slight slope.

It's an attempt I said them while I stood there and watched them go at it over and over again. The more its done the more your mind gets use to it just like anything new being tried for the first time the brain records it and goes from there. With out using to much of any technical terms I just got back on my bicycle and did a simple glide without pedaling so that to demonstrate how easy It is.  Steer, look and balance that is part of the 3 STEP PROCESS, all in one movement.

I also shared with them that I spent Christmas with a courier back in Toronto before I left. Ashton and I spent the whole day together doing a one-on-one and guess what I was there all the way for him only because he was dedicated, interested and his attitude was A+ so I had no choice but to stick with him. And he got it by the end of the day Ashton Gray was a Backwards Rider he always was he just invoked it within himself with a little help. Way to go Ashton.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


My name is Leslie,

Yesterday my Google Nexus phone was stolen while it was under charge from in front of the Central Library, in Vancouver It is brand new bought as a gift from a friend (Ashley) the last week of Dec, 2011.
It has video and photos I been taking and need.
the number of my cell phone was 647 606-7769 a police report was made after it happened which was between 8:25PM - 8:45PM

Really appreciated it was returned ASAP,

AKA BackwardsRider
Thank you have a nice day!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Backwards Rider - Vancouver, B.C

Sponsoring, Backwards Rider OCCUPY TOURS  

to attend Events & Private Functions in Vancouver and any safe space that is provinces and any where around the world.

Departure VIA RAIL Arrival
Jan 3rd - Jan 8th
4412 kilometers  2,742
took the train ride in backwards 

We need abandoned indoor space for emergencies, that is not being used by the property owner or business. 
Backwards Rider Movement seeks to  make our presence and improve relations with the community in public and private areas, as part of our SUSTAINABLE LIVING COMMITTEE our provocator - Eco-friendly Friendly Transportation, Shelter, Food has a great responsibility to re-organize, re-create, and bring the atmosphere which happens to be the air we all breath now has made environmental safety issue an emergency.

In the meantime while the changes that we may make, it is healthier to find improvements from the youngest candidate/ seniority in the voice of Occupiers around the world we request that there be a worldwide ban on the gasoline vehicle that has ruined so many villages, landscape, fetus, and the list goes on in the face of the 1% living even now in denial about the damage being caused by such blatant disrespect for mother earth, casual activity with a way to fix it in any life time. Mars is an example of this last attempt to wipe off the face of the earth mankind and turn people into machine

When Skyfox and I arrived in Vancouver that morning with bags in our hands still and came to the bottom of steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery were Occupy Vancouver was located, guess who was on top of the steps of the gallery, the one and only Alyea. We embraced each other and had a moment of silence as we chatted about what went down here not to long ago. We mentioned the young girl that was here on the same grounds who overdosed on drugs. I saw the spot where she had passed on with 3 roses in the ground and posted my Backwards Rider flyer to show my respect and presence.

Stanley Park, Wed Jan 10, early in the morning 2 Park Rangers (they drove into the park with gas cars parked off to the side) arrived to only see me standing with hands busy they asked am I here alone and (Backwards Rider) I said there is someone sleeping in that tent which was the one to my left. When I woke up which was about 7am or so I noticed ambers still smoldering in the metal buck that was going all night. I decided to keep it going by adding wood fire peices small enough to control. I did that for about 30 minutes approx. seeing the smoke go up through the thick of the trees never occurred to me that it would draw the kind of attention it did for a minute. Where 2 guys in the Park came over to ask me to put it out because the Park Rangers will show up because of it and maybe the police they said. I did not object but agree to put out within that conversation and they left. Eventually they left

That morning we heard 2 canon balls going as off as it is a ritual am told by an (Occupier) Zee that was with us in total 4-5 at any given time. We also heard something that sounded like a mega phone horn going through the Park for a minute.

So I went to check on a tent that was pitched by me as an make shift, to come back and take it down. When I got there only to see the numerous slashes it making it useless so I left it there and went back to.

Anonymous Stranger # 1
This morning on my way into work was about the same as it was in Toronto. Except for only being in Vancouver for a week so far and aquire a bike just 2 days ago. Many people in cars from the time I left the house I was staying in with a new person I met on the street the night before struggling to his drug addiction an occasion. giving attention to the bicycle riding in a 3 lane road way with of course parked cars stretched out from block to block making it harder for travelers on a bicycle especially. So cameras came out and the line of vehicles in my lane I can see that it is slowing down to take longer looks until the drivers at the back start honking their horns. So this one driver in a Mercedez Benz actually makes the effort to slow down to say something to me in a mean voice for me to get the FACK OFF the road. I thought how absurd as he speeds off leaving me in a cloud of  carbon monoxide and each pedal and breathe I take just made me sick and wondered if he only really knew  that I think he is the one that need to change his attitude, learn about the problems he and people like him are causing to our beautiful land and air.

Jan 11 that day I met John the Prophet who seem to be clear minded about the view he see the country. John and I are friends now along with a few others that I met during the week upon arrival from Toronto. Pat is another occupier that when he told me his story I was comforted by it knowing that he had made personal sacrifices to be where is today. Pat  said he was on an oil rig drilling oil for a company when he woke up one day and had an calling. He realized that 3G's a week that he was making was just a figure and that he could not work for that concept revolving around funds. So he quit left his family and headed out for the bushes, forest areas (Stanley Park).

    Zee is from Iran who told me they who ever they are tried to kill (put him to sleep) him 3 times. First they tried to run him over with a car. Over his chest area and his teeth he said moved up a few on his jaw, but he looks fine. Zee is well knowledgeable about the simpliest way to do or make something work for himself or anyone if they needed the help. He and the rest of us four in total right now who has made our home environment a designated green zone by default.

Zach & Girlfriend when I met Zach on the 12th he had a bicycle in his hand, as I found out he is meeting back with the group later that night to camp out. So he offered to take a bag of mine there since that was the case. On the note that I myself was going to end up there too. So Zee was holding on to his bicycle because he (Zach) said he had things to do. So we went off and met later on that night after some missed calls and locationing. I thought he was not going to make it but I guess I was wrong to assume that.

                Manuel whom I now know had explained to his dad about a cart for Occupy Vancouver. Zach's dad put together a cart one similar to Toronto Occupied just a little lighter and a tad smaller.
 I had been talking about the one I was going to design out of lightweight materials to a few people in occupy just days ago again and (badda bing badda bang) a call came in from Pat's phone with Zee's voice asking me if I was interested in a cart that was donated to the group. Zee asked me if I wanted it and if he should hold on to it for me and guess what I said? Yes! because it would be a dream come through for me to sleep and work on the streets of Vancouver as a Occupier.

TomA is the tech guy for the group who is dedicated to the group and its messages and hardly gets sleep when it gets busy.

Skyfox left with me from Toronto on Jan 3, his pregnant girlfriend who handed me her via Rail ticket after deciding to stay behind and take the time to visit family there.

Dave who I met has a bit of an addiction problem with drugs, when I was searching the street for high life came to me inspired by the night until the we hours of the morning when we ended up at his apartment, he kept saying he had a friend who does construction and that I might be able to  get in on the work. He received help from John and I to give  the garage that was at the back of the house a clean. Dave admits that he is a bit of a hoarder and that if He can get some help on cleaning his apartment to.