Friday, July 27, 2012

Breakfast Event - Backwards Rider

Wake up! Wake up! It is time to go...This event is called backwards rider. Backwards Rider is a global awakening program meant to sober up the drunken and fowl spirits. As one does the exercise stipulated in fine detail the collective will find peace of mind, hope, surety and a right of way passage into the dimension of passing to the next upward and onwards...
more... Just remember the millions of babies being pushed in the backwards  by their parents too!

But most if not all who I refer to as they, themselves are not awake (it may seem like it...) enough to the point were they are comfortable with the state that they are in.

Do you need a wake up call?
Are you going to be ready for the upload of positive pure energy, the human spirit is going back to where it came from it's maker. Because it is time! and you know it because it's a vibe.

Leaky Heaven Circus

Oppenheimer Park - Community Corner

Backwards Rider Table
Literature on our Brochure to read while safe travels and quiet times

Opened in 1902 as the Powell Street Grounds by Vancouver's second mayor,[1] David Oppenheimer; it was later renamed in honour of the mayor. The park is bounded by Jackson Street, Dunlevy Street, Powell Street, and East Cordova. Oppenheimer Park's facilities include a softball field, a basketball court, a children's playground, and a community centre with bathrooms, meeting space, and public computer access. The park employs two full-time activity coordinators and several part-time staff.[2] The Asahi baseball team used Oppenheimer Park as its home field prior to World War II, although it is most notable historically as being the site of one of the large demonstrations of striking workers during the events of Bloody Sunday in 1938. The park remained a popular family destination until the late 1980s when crack cocaine trade and abuse began to dominate the park's usage. Since 2004, initiatives by the Vancouver Police and the Strathcona Business Improvement Association have attempted to return the park to its original image of safe recreation, with some success.[2]
Vancouver's longest running community celebration, the annual Powell Street Festival takes place in and around Oppenheimer Park

Backwards Rider Mental Wellness is aPower Program - Table offers a wide variety of combinations geared towards recreational activities - styles and tequnics. We do one-on-one, group orientations, sessions  to further participate in community development of an all round pop culture.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Open Door Group - Employment Services

Open Door Group

2 Apr 2012 – Open Door Group is a dynamic, non-profit organization, dedicated to offering a selection of exemplary employment-related programs, courses, ...
a Referal from Vancouver Court Adult Probation/ Bail Services

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Brain Pickings

Gastown - to Sponsor Backwards

Vivo - Media Arts Centre

Vivo Media Arts Centre, Vancouver

Vivo Media Arts Centre. 1965 Main Street Vancouver BC, Canada. VIVO is a not for profit media production, exhibition and distribution centre. We are an ...

VIVO Media Arts

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Mission Statement · People · Funders + Affiliates · Policies ...

Camera packages are a minimum ONE DAY booking, PRE-PAID ...

VIVO MEDIA ARTS CENTRE, incorporated in 1973 as the ...

You Are Invited: A retrospective exhibition and farewell dinner ...

Get involved
GET INVOLVED · Membership · Internships · Volunteer ...

Joel Rich @ Hasting & Abbott

Thank you for sponsoring the Pat at the front desk

Krysta Shibley - @Granville & Georgia

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bikes on the Drive - Rob

Wednesday Aug 23, 2012. The front wheel of my backwards rider was repaired. The brakes were worn out and the bearing of the rim where about to fall out, that would be an accident say it was left to completely malfunction. Aluminum rim, and the bit thicker wheel makes me now stop the bicycles front brakes/ back for forwards cycles on a dime. 

Bicycle Parts - A plastic bin filled with all kinds of fitting came from this humble workshop on Commercial donated by avid cyclists just after the week of Velocity a network that organizes better design, road conditions for people using cycling as a method of travel in the city.

Great appreciation from the Backwards Bicycle Workshop,  thanks guys.