Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Toronto Occupied - St. James Park

St. James Park 
Bike Spotting
Photo taken by Martin Reis

Wednesday November 23,  8:00 AM- Last night my laptop was charging in logistics while I slept, but when I awoke to go get my laptop it was gone and the place looked ram sacked. I have gathered my belonging and put them in one spot off the park property and onto private property. The people with gas vehicles came and started breaking down our make shift homes and began throwing our stuff in the garbage be continued. On November 25 I received good news about laptop #2, that it was found. When It was finally recovered it was without a battery and its charger. Now am sitting in a conference room with 7 other occupiers and the live stream close by. What are we here for only some of us found out that the room was given us by a union for us to continue our work some told me. Cool I though as I dropped my bags to the carpet floor and hung the jacket I was wearing over 2 more.

Monday      October    17, 9:30 PM , the rain began to fall and traffic just kept coming after me. At least that is what it felt like at times when I seem to focus. Finally am here St James Park to see a pitched tent area beside a gigantic church building next it. Scores of sign tell pieces of arguments that could on into the night

Re-Cycled Paper Arts - Sustainable Gallery
Part 12 / Backwards Riders (view schedule) Eco-Friendly Living Workshop

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