Thursday, April 26, 2012

Metro Van Cycle

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dori Lyric

Two days ago Dori and I met for the first time through a now great friend Roots Tonic (Sam). On Wednesday April 25, 2012 during the day for the second time together at Dori's where Sam and I met to him to take up where we left off, speaking about what the Backwards Rider as movement means to us first and what is coming to the public in a more friendlier way. Design came up as a topic to go over real fast since there isn't much room for re-invention when it come to the bicycle at least that is what I think. Apart from the handle bar on my seat a table where the seat used to go, training wheels is what you want to think about next on the adding

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Gathering Place Community Centre

USB Device and Chip from camera left in the pc # 17 on Monday, April 23, 2012. There are multiple photos of scenery, me friends and work related pics. The last Volunteer was in on 24th 10AM whos name is JP. The Volunteer before that said he saw my usb but thought it was part of the computer he says so he did not touch it. A female in the centre took my number and promised to check with others. Thank you for the return...

7:30PM to 10AM time of item left overnight
10AM to 2PM centre open and someone must have seen it or took it between this prime time

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Safari Cafe

 Safari  Coffee 
1007 Main st.
Vancouver, BC

(604) 638-9171

 For every pound of coffee sold will Donate dollar to Backwards Rider

Organic Coffee is the best...
Adam makes a great cup of grounded coffee near the most busiest intersection of Vancouver right in bewtween Terminal and Prior turns into Georgia Street on Main Street.

Since I came into the area Adam and I have struck up conversations about setting up a little something in the corner of his shop, be it Backwards Rider Outreach with a taste of organics

Jimmy, thank you for sponsoring the program!

Backwards Rider Committee

Sustainable Living - Eco-Friendly Public/ Private Transportation, Organic Foods and Solar, Wind, Housing. Book for event or show, or any other live performances, film, video or photographic work
Backwards Rider Steering Committee

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Backwards Riding
Occupy Backwards Workshops

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Vanessa - info session, level 1 - conciously rode for approx. 4mins at 70KM on skytrain one on one
Jean Leblanc - advanced rider level 3 (3 step process) rode mountain bicycle 15 speed.

Ashton Grey  - advanced rider level 3 (3 step process), rode bicycle with fixed gear

Monday, April 16, 2012

Retreats/ Seminars

What could be other possible ways to free the mind from stress.
How about a backwards like day an alternative exercise on how doing so creates
new path ways for your neurons to jump over to the left side of your brain to stimulate it.
What kind of rewards from doing that does it do? Well professional in the field may tell you that
it is a mental exercise, a test of fear of the unknown.

Backwards Rider Orientation - Meet and Greetings, Intro Session
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Roots Tonic

"A guy came up to me when \i was at the Vancouver Art Gallery and asked me if I was the guy who rides his bicycle backwards. And I looked at him funny and with a screw face said no. 

On Sunday, April 15, 2012 I see you riding a bicycle backwards and called out to you to get your attention as I recall the fellow at the gallery I thought that must be a calling or sign or something like that.

I use to tell my parents I know how I got here when I was born I came to earth in a ball of light.."


Roots Tonic Reggae Band on CBC Music - Free Streaming Radio ...
artist Roots Tonic Reggae Band. Share Like. Vancouver, BC, CANADA. vancoUVer records. PERMALINK TO THIS PAGE. genres. Reggae, Caribbean. plays ...

John Leblanc - Backwards

April, Sunday 15,  4:30PM
At about that time as I got the emergency heart cart set up for the day at Thornton Park and took in the nice weather it was nicer to be here than in my workshop I thought meeting new folks and and greeting visitors who glanced at the art and items where Backwards Rider Outreach continued.

Within that hour I noticed a figure coming towards my direction on a lightweight men's bicycle, until my head moved up to give creed to this man who immediately started to say something to me about what was going on with me. Long story short Jean (John) donated a long list of things that he thought the shop on 4 wheels could make use of.

We spoke about how he saw me 1 week ago riding my mountain bicycle backwards he said.
As he turned himself around to try riding backwards on his cycle. After he made an attempt I insisted that I do a demonstration for him doing the 3 step process. Right around a hedge of bushes and lawn in a circle and back and that's how it's done I said to him as I got off the bicycle.

I shared with Jean my backwards experience which began in 2009 and now am here to promote Backwards Rider as a program (movement) I said in a excited voice.

I followed Jean to his place after I closed down the cart, to where I would have a hard time getting back out left on my own.

Before now when was the last time you ever tried riding your bicycle backwards I asked Jean? and he said about 1 week ago after I saw you and I was talking to someone I bet you I can ride my bicycle with no hands he said to the person. And before that he said as I asked him, 5 years ago.

Donated Items
Hack saw blade
Pull Cart
Camper Backpack
Desktop PC/ Hard drive
Porfolio case
Nail clipper
6 Highlight Markers
Sand paper
Plastic Business Card  holders
Sun shape mold

Thursday April 26, I bumped ito Jean and a friend who was on a mountain bicycle. John got off his bicycle and started to practice while I was in presence. We made sure we had the proper contact for each other for the future and we left. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Joe Mar

I was walking up a street called Helmcken as I just about got on Howe St in Vancouver I stopped to take a picture of some bushes that seem to fit nicely in the foreground of a high rise when a young gentleman  that looked asian got my attention so I ask if he could get in the picture and he gladly said yes. When that picture was taken I insisted we take more and of us and we began to talk about the birds and the bees and you name it. By the time we sat down it was us, Emily and Jessica who sat by the steps to share. Joe blows glass into the form of bongs. I was happy to have met hom because personally I do not know anyone else that does. Joe has the spirit of an entreprenuer and told me that he has been through a lot, like many people we all know slightly or strongly from a diffrenent point of view. Good going Joe and we will support you and the many great moments to come...