Monday, August 15, 2011

Backwards Rider - Nova Scotia

Aug 31-Sept 1
Stofel & Kelfield - Toronto Airport Hotel (30hrs)
Melissa Di Nardo/ Photojournalist, Kirk Warringion/ Master Busker

Barrie, Vaughan, Milton, Bolton, Brampton

Backwards Rider Live Bicycle Webcam Toronto
Nova Scotia Tour
No need to pack a big bag or walk with funds my sponsor said. Backwards Rider and company will be leaving Toronto for an adventure and you can come along via webcam. Tune in at and see the many picturesque view along the way. All I will have is my bicycle a laptop, camera, webcam and cell phone. Oh yeah and the keys to my room to get back in when am back in Town. This transport truck vehicle is a red and white twenty two foot wheeler, air to air ride ready of course to take me on the trip travelling backwards at a speed of 100 miles per/ hour. I will be in the back of the truck cab sitting backwards all the way. Every pit stop that we stop at I hope to get quick bicycle stretches along with the truck ride making it double the fun. Tune in and be a cool sponsor...

Along the text, video or email us and check out what is going on as we go to parks, forests, events, visit groups, companies, landmarks, special buildings, art, music, and interesting people

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Friday, August 5, 2011

Moving Needs, 1-2 Man on Job

Last minute call waiting to move, we will be happy to assist. Let us know your from and to: address, name and contact and we will be there when you need it the most. Backwards Ryder is on the move to bring your item (s) or off load the truck, car, van and or load for you! Do send us a message and let us know if you are interested in a fun and exciting re-location (GTA).

                                                                  backwards ryder
647 708-0669

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Backwards Rider Private Charity

A council man said to me if you want something good to say this and he said it better than most people that I have heard comment on Ford, Mayor of Toronto. He said and I quote. 

"Fordwards is backwards and Backwards is forward"

"Hey, hey" shouts two police officers hanging out behind St. Michaels Hospital as I begun my ride today to find a place to eat breakfast. With hardly any strength in me and with and exhaust pipes at ground level, I never even bothered to look then answer to "hey, hey".  Like am going to start my day being entangle with a bunch of  "Bull S" meanwhile auto polluters casually zip by . By 3pm a young kid comes close to me while I spoke with a man that commented as we travelled in the same direction. The kid said that he read a post someone  graigslist "looking for backwardsrider" am not sure what that is about but the post as the kid started a search for the post again to show me he said it was removed by author. 

 "hey, hey"

As 4:30 pm came a brother again I met around Alexandria Pool on Spadina south of College St.. He was happy to see me and I was too. A Haitian who knows how to ride his bicycle backwards. We are now friends and were happy to be in one anothers company.

                                             Aug 10
"Hey" said a female officer as they held a driver for a stop. Then the male officer went on like he wanted to come after me to harras me.. One officer when he turn to the other officer charge him and when what appeared to transpire as I road  my bicycle by was a no. But when the same officer seem to hear what she said he said your not going to give him a ticket he backed off try to leave the scene he was already dealing with to come after me as I make my way back to the art space I find myself working out of to finish more pieces..

Coming Soon!

Bicycle Hockey Game
   Coming to an arena near you
Blackwards # 38