Monday, April 18, 2011

Reverse Technology

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 Drivers and Motorist
Welcome once again. Today I am your fitness guide.
Have you ever seen many a time where a cyclist
is going to pass an automobile.  Just as the driver of the car is
about to open the vehicle door, the cyclist starts ringing
the bell from the bicycle vigorously, but the driver of the
car am sure often time will not be able to hear due to noise
traffic etc.

So there I was bicycling down spadina to cross the intersection on green light.
From my view I notice a line of about 7 gas vehicles coming and a ladyish woman
in that 1 metre space that cyclist are suppose to travel in. Anyways... She does not see from my  perspective how to handle the situation becuase to her it may not matter to much... Well so I signal for her to come onto the road an take up the lane with me. And then I signal the cabby to move over to the right lane (faster). Instead he hestates for as far as after the crossing of the light at the intersection. I take a quick look behund me and notice gas vehicle parked all along the right lane that am in and the lady finds herself onto with me but at few yard away from me. By the time I they react to what I was communicating it appears to increase the possibility of an potential accident. Not only that but the cluster of cars decide to sueeze over to the faster lane therefore leaving me to maneover freely, avoiding being jarred, etc. The point is cyclist need there own car size lanes everywhere. they vehicles that passed on in front all come to a full stop ahead of me while I double back just so I won't spell that stench going up my nostrils

Streetcar Driver
A streetcar operator see me, as I found myself caught in the middle while crossing. He slows down but not without giving me attitude and suggesting I should put eyes in the back of my head. How nice, I guest that must be a camera and monitor. What am saying is even though I was out of his way and his way is clear, these 2 cenario that I am pointing out is still unexceptable wether a patron is traveling on his head, upside down, positioned backwards, side ways. Just move on, and allow others to get out of your way...