Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Free Agent Management -

Free Agent Management “F.A.M” is a full service artist company. We were founded to help strategically promote DJ’s and Artists to the general public and in the corporate world as well.
The overall benefits of a team in the entertainment industry are endless. F.A.M creates relationships with nighclubs, event coordinators, corporate staff, celebrity and professional athlete assistants to offer quality DJ’s, Hosts, and Entertainment at any size event, anywhere in the world.
Free Agent Management is a full service booking and management company. We can provide support to any Artist, DJ, and/or public figure looking to enhance their brand.
FREE AGENT MANAGEMENT was developed to push a brand built on relationships from over 20 + years of night club, event, and festival recognition by F.A.M developers BARRY CAREW and DJ SKRIBBLE.

Backwards Rider a Mascot

Backwards Rider Mascot includes anything used to represent a group with a common public identity, such as a school, professional sports team, society, military unit, or brand name. Mascots are also used as fictional, representative spokespeople for consumer products, such as the rabbit used in advertising and marketing for the General Mills brand of breakfast cereal, Trix.

In the world of sports, mascots are also used for merchandising. Team mascots are often confused with team nicknames.[2] While the two can be interchangeable, they are not always the same. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Our Community Bikes - Volunteers

These parts I removed from the bicycle donated to me by a sponsor in replacement for betters ones.. Thanks for the assistance in making the bicycle I am riding safe guys (Jesse & co.)

17th and Main Street - Monday, June 25, It was really quick finding the parts to put on my now backwards rider. The parts where 1 bar end, not the curved type, a piece that screwed on as it goes in between the brake and the cable for back brakes, another bar end that went where the seat use to go which now holds down the plant pot to collect donations and doubles as a piece of art to fresh flowers and pot pouri bowls. The training wheels will have to be fastened on with nuts and bolts to compensate for length making the wheels to touch the ground. A light at the front for the head lamp which takes 4 AA batteries. Jordan asked me about my bicycle and assisted with the looking for parts for the bicycle being converted into bicycle I continue to ride comfortably... 

Cruise Crooner

Cruise can put a show and he is the announcer!
Ladies and gentlemen here we are in retrospec. Introducing the Backwards Rider

Backwards Bicycle - Workshop

Backwards Riders Association of Canada
This version of backwards bicycle is the same except the model and make.
June 23, Michelle, 51 years of age was excited to find out more as she inquired about the power program for the advocacy of cycling safely on the road ways with vehicles of mass destruction.

I want to learn how to ride my bicycle backwards she said! But you will need training wheel I replied. No I wanna just go.. Well what I say about that except if we go in a safe area where we have enough space to maneouver.

We need to have meeting just like those other companies and help kids and seniors who understand the actual condition we are in to do a U turn with how society exist.

Surely a beautiful day but how can we seriously enjoy with everyone who say they have responsibilities go casual by you and you loved ones as toxic fumes are scattered into the nostrils of babies just a few metres of the side walk all in the name of democracy mow down tress who happens to make oxygen for everyone, it's fine some religious funatic say and it's ok says the man in the suit. who care says the construction man, fumigated plants and veggies baking in the sun we all have to go some time is the attitude that lead the way in plain sight of terrified toddlers inching to be by the sides of dads and struggling mothers.

A fleet of backwards bicycles will have to be the regiment of The Backwards Rider School for Mental Health and Fitness.  There has to be a place that those interested in the activity of manual dexterities may find  the world class movement for people of dignity and are blocked by others success drilling for oil, and ignoring the call from mother nature to a global consciousness to preserve the quality of life we all deserve.You are a backwards rider look into it!

Volunteer Training - Fill out form, requires personal information.

Super Champion - Bicycles

With in the first week of coming to Vancouver, Super Champion - said bring your bicycle by and we'll see what we can do. Last week I ran into one of the guys that was in the store when I was and again invited me to come this time over the week end. Ryan assisted me with bicycle pump as we talked about another bicycle shop that maybe am able to get parts for my backwards bicycle to get it ready to roll down the street comfortably. About a handful of customers came in to have their own bicycle serviced while I was their.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Carnegie Community Centre - Small Art Grants

Jason Bouchard, co-ordinator
DTES Small Arts Grants
Carnegie Community Center, 401 Main st. St.
Vancouver, BC. V6A 2T7

Come over where are you from my name is Sean, I work in the kitchen. We first met Sunday June 24 in Gastown.

Vancouver Farmers Market - Information

ICE CAP ORGANICS - Pemberton Farmer's Institute - Similar
Ice Cap Organics is an organic farm in the Pemberton Meadows founded and farmed by Delaney and Alisha Zayac with the intentions of promoting sustainable ...


Unit 309
20560 Langley, BC V3A 6K8


Eat Local

Your local food pedalers
Chris Thoreau
Chief Executive Pedaler
We bring the market  to you!
"East Vancouver's most diverse CSA"
Food Pedalers

Celyddon Farm

Vegetables from a small Farm

An Inner City Urban Farm


Do we really use only 10 percent of our brains?

How Much Brain Do We Actually Use? - Similar
"It is a myth that we only use 10% of our human brain." ... How can you have increase activity of ANY part of the brain if all of it is being used all of the time? Such a .... Thus, to state that a person uses 10%, 5%, or even 1% of their potential brain ...


Why do we only use 5 of your brain

Why do we only use 5 of your brain? ... We use all of our brain, all the time but certain parts of the human brain are ... Why do you only use half your brain?

90% of Your Brain - Television Tropes & Idioms - Similar
We use all of our brains, just not all at the same time — in much the same way that hitting a ... However, it was said to be "half" of the brain being used, not 10%. ... In Defending Your Life, everyone on Earth is said to use 3-5% of their brains.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

White Hill Productions

Film Production Company Vancouver - Similar
White Hill Production Inc. is a Vancouver-based production company committed to the highest quality production of films, ad films,music videos, and film ...

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ride On - Ride Away Bicycles , CARL

CAFE BRIXTON - Last night after leaving the drive and dropped off Re-Cycled Paper Arts-workshop, gallery I went back out to close...As I went from bar front to bar front it didn't take to long before I began to bump into people I now knew in Vancouver partying.

So I get to a bar with a good amount of patrons hanging out in fron so I approach a group of 3 women and started to ask have they heard about Backwards RIder, the reply from one who was standing said "Am not worried about anything", I guess that what she thought I uttered, but one of her girlfriends started laughing because she knew thats not what I had said.

Backwards Rider: Tell her what I said and she and I lol for a minute as thought to myself I gotta find a nice way to get going and walk off since it might be trouble stirring up.

Just as the idea came I heard a voice say Backwards Rider in front and beside me, there was a good pause before I turned with a internal sigh of relief since this is an excuse to get from this small situation that arose from the dark night.

Hey I met you in Toronto and Carl began to ride a bicycle the group of guys that he was with in front of the venue... Ryli, Eli, and Tyler gave hi fives, took a swig as we talked about the present moment and the Bicycle shop Ride Away...more...

I would like to start with a small group of guys that I can tour with doing the backwards rider campaign, to the group of 7 guys that stood cheering after it was my turn to do a demonstartion of backwards riding...I told my boss about you and I showed him a video of you too...said Carl who works at the company Ride On and is going away for about a week....

Ride On