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the Backwards Rider Show 1.31.13 12:18PM-11PM

Happy Backwards Day! 
to the Backwards Rider Show Live!
Carnegie: Learning Centre 2nd Floor Print " Happy Backwards Day! / 2:50PM-4:05PM Basement / Artroom - Haisla, John, Dreyden, Montana King - Screen Printing Workshop - Re-Cycled Paper Arts: "the Backwards Rider Show" stencils.
Open Door Group: 12:15PM
Cobalt Hotel: 11:30PM-7AM  
Safari Cafe:  Adam - Organic Coffee


Tribal Unity 4 Liberation
Patrycja Blawat
Stella Peacock
Doubtless Richer Zen
Galo Chan
Collective Evolution
Angela Allain
the Rider Backwards Show 

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Backwards Rider Tour, Movies, Live Life Drawing, Life Casting, Music, Backwards Bicycle Workshop, Live Game Board, Cafe, Entertainment and special Talents!

Safari Coffee
1007 Main St.
(604) 638-9171
every pound of coffee sold will Donate $1.00
Backwards Rider

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the Rider Backwards Show 1.30.13 7:19PM

Welcome to the Backwards Rider Show Live!

Cobalt Hotel: 12:30PM-1:30PM  

Miki shared: "Am 4 month pregnant. approximately 1 month ago a police officer threw me down and if I did not put my hand out to stop me from smashing my face I would have been seriously hurt".

the London Hotel - "My foot has shards of glass in the bottom of my feet from the glass window that was shattered by a staff member as he throw an object against it from the top of the roof. 

 Carnegie: 4PM-7PM Rider: "fabric painting, screen stencil, mask making".
Artroom - Haisla, John
Safari Cafe:  Adam - Organic Coffee & Bun

the Rider Backwards Show 

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Backwards Rider Tour, Movies, Live Life Drawing, Life Casting, Music, Backwards Bicycle Workshop, Live Game Board, Cafe, Entertainment and special Talents!

Rider: "Not allowing people to have option if they would like to travel backwards or forwards for comfort and mental wellness. 

New issues will arise with transportation industry as travel option become a topic for discussion...

Not everyone who pays big bucks have the first class orders correct."


 Are you looking for videos now! Backwards The Movie

Mar 2, 2012 - Uploaded by myLetsRow
Release Date: 2012 Summer, just in time for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. Genre: Sports/ Romance ...

 back·ward  (bkwrd)
1. Directed or facing toward the back or rear.
2. Done or arranged in a manner or order that is opposite to previous occurrence or normal use.
3. Unwilling to act; reluctant; shy.
4. Behind others in progress or development: The technology was backward, but the system worked.
adv. or back·wards (-wrdz)
1. To or toward the back or rear.
2. With the back leading.
3. In a reverse manner or order.
4. To, toward, or into the past.
5. Toward a worse or less advanced condition.

backward·ly adv.
backward·ness n.
Usage Note: The adverb may be spelled backward or backwards, and these forms are interchangeable: stepped backward; a mirror facing backwards. In Standard English, however, the adjective has no -s: a backward view.
The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2009. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.

backwards [ˈbækwədz], backward
1. towards the rear
2. with the back foremost
3. in the reverse of usual order or direction
4. to or towards the past
5. into a worse state the patient was slipping backwards
6. towards the point of origin
bend, lean, or fall over backwards Informal to make a special effort, esp in order to please
know backwards Informal to understand completely
Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003




Precognition and Backwards Causation

by Keith Seddon
This paper argues that whatever mechanism is responsible for precognition, at least one can be ruled out on conceptual grounds. That mechanism is backwards causation. If it is possible that events can have causes occurring later than the time they happen, it would be possible that our perceptions be caused earlier than the events they are perceptions of. This is shown to constitute a successful objection to Beloff’s view that there are circumstances imaginable which call for a backwards causation explanation. It is claimed that a backwards-process is nonsensical, in which case backwards-causal candidates cannot be tied to their effects. The concept of cause arises from our interest and ability to tamper with natural events. These points, considered jointly, show that the idea of backwards causation can have no explanatory power. – Keith Seddon
As a philosopher, I am not concerned to establish the validity of purported cases of precognition. That precognition may in fact have occurred is obviously not necessary for the truth, if it be one, that precognition be possible. The idea that empirical evidence per se can establish the fact of precognition seems to me to be a mistake, because evidence can count for or against an alleged phenomenon only to the extent that we already have a theory (even a very crude one) by which the evidence can be interpreted. No empirical facts can count for precognition unless we already have a concept of what precognition is and unless we already hold the assumption that precognition be a possible phenomenon. The idea that that assumption itself can be established by empirical evidence just seems wrong to me.
There is one view which supposes that a precognition is a future event causing the subject to previously make a precognition-claim about it. In investigating the conceptual issues involved in the idea of precognition, I claim to have found good reasons for rejecting this view, and I shall show what they are in the course of this paper. Regardless of whatever mechanisms may be put forward to explain the operation of precognition, my view is that there is at least one which fails on logical grounds, and that mechanism is the one which understands future events to (sometimes) cause previous events. This leaves the question open as to whether there are other mechanisms which are logically tenable which can explain precognition. I shall have nothing to say about that here.
Let us be clear about some helpful jargon. A precognition-claim is the occurrence of some statement which makes explicit reference to, and states some fact about, a future event. Not all statements which do this are precognition-claims, of course. Common-or-garden predictions which we make all the time, such as “The kettle will boil in three minutes”, are obviously not precognitionclaims. If evidence is readily available to someone in the present which indicates the likelihood that their statement about the future is true, or will be made true, then that statement cannot be entertained as a candidate for a precognitionclaim. What distinguishes precognition-claims from other sorts of statement about the future, is that there is no evidence in the present which speaks for the truth of such a claim, although there may be evidence which seemingly speaks against it. (For instance, someone might make the precognition-claim that A will die from natural causes in six months, whilst the evidence currently available indicates that A is in the best of health.) The other sort of statement that has to be ruled out as inadmissible is the guess: precognition-claims are not guesses or hunches. Not all precognition-claims succeed in describing the future, but in so far as the person who made the claim had the belief that they were saying something about the future, we shall include the claim under this heading, because their belief has the same character as that of the person who makes a precognition-claim which does describe some future event. A precognition-claim which succeeds in describing the future I will call a precognition. This provides for the necessary allowance that not all precognition-claims need be precognitions. This distinction between precognition-claims and precognitions has a precise analogy with statements about the past derived from memory: not all our memory-claims are memories, because sometimes people make statements about the past, relying on their memories, which although they think them true are in fact false.
What makes a precognition-claim true is the fact that it matches (to some acceptable extent) a future event; it is then a precognition. This is not enough to make the precognition-claim knowledge, because on such a criterion guesses and hunches which turn out to be correct would also constitute knowledge, and this obviously should be resisted. The tendency then is to point out that since it is true that we afford to ordinary statements of perception the status of knowledge because those statements are caused by the events they are about, likewise, precognitions constitute knowledge because they too are caused by the events they are about. Whether or not plain precognition-claims (which are not also precognitions) are caused by anything is left an open question.
There are two ways in which a precognition might be supposed to acquire the status of knowledge. One way, already mentioned, is that it is caused by the future event it describes. The other way in which a precognition can claim to be knowledge is parallel to the way in which someone who intends to perform a certain action can be said to have ‘intentional knowledge’ of that action and that event which they have reason to believe will result from the action. On this view the precognition is not really a precognition at all. It supposes that an agent has an unconscious intention to later influence circumstances such that A later occurs (whatever sort of event that might be). The precognition that A will occur constitutes ‘intentional knowledge’ that A will occur: between that time and A’s happening the agent performs actions that in the circumstances result in A. Thus, for example, an agent could be said to have ‘intentional knowledge’ that such and such aeroplane will crash, if he has the intention, for instance, to sabotage the plane. If that intention is unconscious, and he does unconsciously sabotage the plane such that the plane crashes, any manifestation of the original intention (perhaps in the form of a dream) would appear to be a precognition of the future. To use this account to explain many actual cases of alleged precognition, it would also have to be supposed that agents can influence distant objects by means of psycho-kinesis (ie ‘psychically’ affecting objects, sometimes distant, by merely intending to do so : some researchers claim to have established ‘P.K.’ as a fact). Whether or not the idea of ‘action at a distance’ perpetrated by people makes sense, I shall leave for another time.
I aim to show now that whether or not there really is anything which, when added to a precognition-claim matching a future event, turns that claim into a precognition which has the status of knowledge, it cannot be that the precognitionclaim be caused by the future event.
John Beloff [1] suggests that the concept of backwards causation might be practically useful, such that in exceptional but perfectly imaginable circumstances, we would feel compelled to say that backwards causation was the best explanation of those circumstances. He cites an example of Dummett’s [2]. Here a man discovers by trial and error that if he claps his hands before opening the post he always finds a cheque made out to him, but never gets a cheque on those occasions when he forgets to clap his hands. Beloff wishes to claim that if we were in such a situation, whatever our philosophical inclinations about backwards causation, we would not refrain from clapping our hands. That being so, he thinks that none of us could honestly deny that clapping our hands when we did was a necessary condition “or cause” of the cheque having been put into that particular envelope. The general claim that we can derive from this example is that what happened in the past might not have happened had it not been for some action or event in the present.
One reply is to say that this example does not in the least show what Beloff believes it to show. I, for a start, would not feel compelled to believe that my clapping had anything whatever to do with causing any turn of circumstance in the past. The difficulty comes in finding reasons that support this reply. It is very tempting to say that, at any particular time, no cheque could have been put into its envelope unless all those circumstances necessary and jointly sufficient for that occurrence obtained at that time. To say that unfortunately is to deny just what Beloff wants to assert, which is that a necessary condition for a particular event can occur after the event. My reply succeeds only in begging the question.
Here is an approach which I think is more successful. If we are to entertain the idea that events can have causes occurring later than the time they happen, we have to entertain at one and the same time the idea that the perceptions we are caused to have can occur earlier than the events they are perceptions of. That means the temporal order in which we perceive events is necessarily no guide to the actual temporal order of those events [3]. There is therefore no point in even attempting to talk about the temporal or causal priority of events. If backwards causation were a possibility, Beloff would have no reason to believe that his clapping his hands was a later necessary (causal) condition for someone’s earlier inserting the cheque into the envelope, because under the backwards causation hypothesis he can have no reason for favouring that particular sequence of events with their particular causal relations over any other possible sequence. The assumption of backwards causation implies our being unable to determine with reliability which events are causally or backwards causally connected with which events and which events are causally or backwards causally connected to our perceptions. And that implies the further fact that the temporal sequence of events would be different from the sequence we perceive and necessarily undiscoverable. This shows that the idea of backwards causation cannot be introduced as a mechanism to explain Beloff’s cheque-in-the-envelope experiences, and therefore, generally, it cannot be entertained as the mechanism behind any phenomena.
This view can be filled in further by imagining a sequence of two sorts of events:
B  A B A B  B B  A  B A  A A
The earlier event is on the left, the later on the right. If it helps we may consider the B’s to represent the insertions of cheques into envelopes, and the A’s to represent Beloff clapping. It seems to me that an awkward question arises. Which A’s cause which B’s? We can pair the A’s and B’s off, because the example shows six of each. But what reason would we have for saying that the last A caused the first B prior to it rather than any of the others? No reason at all. Perhaps I have cheated by forcing the time separations between A’s and B’s to be different for each pair no matter which possible pairing of the whole sequence we adopt. Perhaps it should be like this:
B1  A1  B2  A2  B3  A3  B4  A4  B5  A5  B6  A6
This is no good either. Why should we think that A1 causes B1 and A2 causes B2 any more than we think that A2 causes B1 and B4 causes A2?
What is missing here are the processes which extend between the causally connected events. In ordinary forwards causation, if X causes Y but Y occurs some time after X, then some intermediary process has developed in the time between X’s finishing and Y’s occurring. Future cause A and its past effect B must similarly be mediated by a process which A ‘begins’ and which ‘results’ in B. The idea of such a backwards process is beyond conception. If I now perceive event A happening, that is because light rays are reflected off the surfaces of those objects doing whatever they are doing which constitutes A’s taking place, such that the light affects what sort of impulses the retinas in my eyes send to my brain. The idea that someone can precognise a future event because light being reflected from objects is going backwards in time to affect the precognisor long before the event’s occurring is plainly absurd. But unless we can identify the process involved, if we were to maintain that precognitions are caused by future events, it is not clear why future events should always, or even sometimes, cause precognitions of themselves rather than precognition of other events, or hallucinations of goblins for instance, or any other mental or nonmental phenomena.
The most instructive approach to this issue is to think about why we are interested in causes, how we come to have the concept of causation and how we come to learn the use of the term ‘cause’. I agree with Mellor, when he says that our “interest in events and in causation stems entirely from wanting to affect the world and to find out what goes on in it” [4]. Mellor’s view is that in particular circumstances, causes make their effects more likely to occur than if they hadn’t happened. Thus we would not say that the brick’s striking the window is the cause of the window breaking if we did not accept that the brick’s striking the window, in the circumstances, made the breaking of the window more likely than otherwise. What is also true is that when an agent believes that A causes B, and he wants B, he does A because he thinks that in so doing he will be more likely to get B than if he does something else or nothing. Because of the regularity that obtains in the world regarding what sort of event results in which other sort of event, we are able to discover the full extent of this regularity by deliberately trying out various actions and seeing what we get in consequence, and we are able to purposely pull causal levers as it were to make circumstances go rather as we wish them to go instead of any other way. I don’t see that there can be any dispute about that. Dummett is bearing this in mind when he says:
“ … to suppose that the occurrence of an event could ever be explained by reference to a subsequent event involves that it might also be reasonable to bring about an event in order that a past event should have occurred, an event previous to the action. To attempt to do this would plainly be nonsensical, and hence the idea of explaining an event by reference to a later event is nonsensical in its turn.” [5]
This obviously draws on the same intuitions that led Gale to argue that we cannot intend to bring about something in the past, because we cannot deliberate about performing an action if we already know whether the action will be successful or unsuccessful. Since what has already happened in the past is known, we cannot act intentionally to have made something happen[6]. Brier, however, is not convinced by this. He says that if as a matter of fact we do not know for sure the future outcome of an action, it makes sense to deliberate about performing it. Since we very rarely (if ever) know the future outcomes of our actions, our deliberation is entirely warranted. Brier applies the logic of acting towards the future to acting towards the past, and says that if as a matter of fact we do not know that Jones was killed (for example) it makes sense for us to deliberate about doing something now to have saved him via backwards causation, and similarly for all other past events which as a matter of fact we are ignorant about [7].
I don’t think this makes any sense at all, because whether or not an agent knows the facts about the occurrence of some past event, he cannot believe that by acting in the present he can make it more likely than not that that past event occurred. If the event did happen, there is nothing now that can be done to make it more likely that it happened.
Let me sum up my position on this issue. I argued earlier that if backwards causation were a fact then the world we perceived would not show the features of regularity which I believe it must show for our being able to develop the concept of cause and our being able to manipulate circumstances to our own advantages. The point of introducing the concept of precognition is, I take it, part of the overall aim of discovering regularities about our experiences, with the view to explaining why we experience what we do at the times we do, as well as predicting what we are likely to experience next. That aim, I have tried to argue, would be undermined if we postulated backwards causation as the mechanism behind precognition (or any other phenomena).
Notes :
1. John Beloff, ‘Backward Causation’, The Philosophy of Parapsychology, New York: Parapsychology Foundation, 1977, pp37-46.
2. M.A.E. Dummett, ‘Can An Effect Precede its Cause?’, Aristotelian Society Proceedings, Supp.27, 1954, pp27-44. Beloff (who mistakenly attributes the example to Bob Brier, Precognition and the Philosophy of Science, New York: Humanities Press, 1974 – when Brier is in fact citing Dummett) somewhat alters the example whilst retaining its logical character.
3. cf. D.H. Mellor, Real Time, C.U.P. 1981, Chapter 10.
4. ibid. p121.
5. M.A.E. Dummett, ‘Can an Effect Precede its Cause?’ op.cit. pp34-5.
6. R.M. Gale, The Language of Time, New York: Humanities Press, 1968, Chap. 7.
7. Bob Brier, Precognition and the Philosophy of Science, New York: Humanities Press, 1974.
© Dr. Keith Seddon 1991
Keith Seddon teaches at Hatfield Polytechnic. He is the author of Time : A Philosophical Treatment (Croom Helm, 1987).

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the Rider Backwards Show 1.29.13 1:29PM

Star Date A.D

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Saferide is UNsafe!
Drivers pollute the air we all breathe like the rest of the adults that are on the road doing the same thing in densely populated areas.
We do not support a society bent on destruction. And destroying so many creative peoples lives...

We are asking for assistance from the Galactic Federation of Light with the end of all suffering.

Tooth and nail the truth is the world is in a groove being led off track away from the promises of original plans that the most high had for everyone from the very inception of time. 
 Instead they have done the most detestable thing with the installation of shingles on every building there is across the landscape...And have are following their forefathers worshiping the image of the beast like all the the other civilizations ( Atlantis etc.) who was swallowed up by divine judgement pronounced on the land.

Holy Heavenly Father: "If I made this place holy father said what will you make for me?"
The Kingdom of Light

M o n d a y s
Life Skills Centre #3
412 E. Cordova & Dunlevy 2PM-4PM
Welcome to the Backwards Rider Show Live!
Participate in a fun interactive game... 
Play with friends invite new interested people who you just met recently to join in the party.

1. Game offline (practical min/max)
2. Game online (webcam required)

the Backwards Movement Party
Backwards Rider Couch Surfing

Open Door Group: Leila, Kamm
 Safari Cafe:  Adam - Organic Coffee 

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the Backwards Rider Show 1.28.13 11:52AM-11PM

UFOs earth sized?....THE TRUTH REVEALED 1/3 

the Rider Backwards Show 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Backwards Rider Tour, Movies, Live Life Drawing, Life Casting, Music, Backwards Bicycle Workshop, Live Game Board, Cafe, Entertainment and special Talents!

Backwards Bicycle Images
the Backwards Movement Party
Backwards Rider Couch Surfing

Carnegie: PC LAB Miki
Life Skills Centre: Front Desk - Sylvan, Randi, Alisha
2PM-4PM Donna "ever since someone stole my guitar I learnt how to play the piano", Miki setup room, board game

Open Door Group: 11:45AM BLOG, PRINT, DESIGN
Safari Cafe: Adam- Organic Coffee and bun
Cobalt Hotel:1:30AM-10AM


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the Rider Backwards Show 1.27.13 5:49PM-11PM

Welcome to #3 
Live Show! 
Monday January 28th 2013
Life Skills Centre 
412 E. Cordova & Dunlevy 1PM-3PM
the Backwards Rider Show
the Rider Backwards Show 

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Backwards Rider Tour, Movies, Live Life Drawing, Life Casting, Music, Backwards Bicycle Workshop, Live Game Board, Cafe, Entertainment and special Talents!



Interview With Vado At The Breakfast Club Power 105.1

Rider: Gender Neutral. I am neither male or female, I am comfortable with my personal experiences, that brought me to this present moment. more info...

Gender-neutral language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Gender-neutral language, gender-inclusive language, inclusive language, or gender neutrality is linguistic prescriptivism that aims to eliminate (or neutralize) ...

the Backwards Movement Party

Backwards Rider Couch Surfing

Carnegie: PC LAB Tutor - Karen / #7 -7:50PM
United Gospel Mission: Dinner/ Dj Wreck, Lynn, Moe
Safari Cafe: Adam 1:30PM organic coffee, bun and blue cheese chips
Cobalt Hotel: 11:30PM-1PM 


Dj Wreck

Galactic Federation of Light JANUARY 26 2013 Centaurian Anitheiess Jackson

viewofthismomentviewofthismoment· 206 videos
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Published on 26 Jan 2013
As you continue into a natural flow of gaining your divine heritage back, you are having distant memories for many of you of your past incarnations on the many different star systems that spread throughout this vast universe, and beyond. We of the angelic realms, of the Galactic Federation of Light are making sure to honor our side of completing our mission combined to make sure to help to bring in the new Earth, and we as a team of light ask that you all continue with your light work. The end of the long hard journey in duality is here, and nearing the corner as you say, as you are then allowed to return into your fully conscious self again, where the limits of the 3rd dimensions no longer exist in your reality. With a divine upgrade in your own energy field, then there is a direct connection to source that is allowed to elevate your own awareness of this universe, in the many more that exist, and your own inner connection with all of creation. This unveiling process is occurring now as you then realize your own efforts to bring in the new Earth are helping to accelerate the changes within you to align with your light body. The light body is what is being created now, as you live and exist in a peaceful manner, then sharing your own graciousness with the rest of life, combined into efforts of a graceful path of unfolding who you are as source.

The courage it takes to be here as a newly awakened ascended master on this planet now, in your own efforts to then spread more light into this world is where you then realize your own divine energy is here to truly be embraced, by your will. The entrance into the new Earth is an inner feeling and resonance, as this is where your shifting is happening in your DNA changes, in your activation of your heart chakra, in your crown chakra, and the many more that help to align you with your multi dimensional self. As you can sense by now, we of the Galactic Federation of Light, of your angelic guardians are here to then bring forth a divine opening in helping to greet those on this planet, and then open up a reuniting that will bring joy to many of our galactic crew, in those of you that are from our crew. As we have our scientists and communicators available for First Contact, you will be able to meet our many star fleets, in all of our many crew members who have been assisting in helping to transition this planet back into the light, in fullness again. Consciously, you are able to feel the level of dedication, and patience it takes to work hard over many, many thousands of years on the completion of one major upgrade of a world, in the brink of much chaos, and destruction. The end of this realm of fear is now coming to a close on your world, and this is opening the true reality of peace and harmony to then remain as the dominant, and remaining energy source on this sacred Earth.

Do you see now that with your continuous shifting in vibrations, that you are similarly connecting with the new incoming energy downloads from source that are merging you into full consciousness? Indeed, with your own inner focus on continuing to uphold the light, and to then magnify your light, to exist in the natural state of abundance that you are within, and in sharing your many healing abilities with this world, then the stage of completion into the new Earth is able to be realized. This is a team effort, and combining the many levels of dedication, and skills of many of you who speak online about ascension, for those of you that spread unity consciousness are then accepting that you have an important role to play on this world now. That is why you have been chosen to be here at this sacred time in transition, to usher in this brand new consciousness where your own respectful nature is helping you to see the necessity of such a dramatic change on your planet. As you then enter into further the new Earth, and the incoming energies from the higher dimensions, then your own inner freedom is realized to be true, as you then are able to release more of the illusions that try and keep you stuck in the distortions of duality. Your freedom is secured, as you then choose to spread more of an awakened presence in this new Earth, seeing no true end to the levels of beauty, and glory that exists in fullness on this entire planet.

(Con't) by listening now...


Saturday, January 26, 2013

the Backwards Rider Show 1.26.13 4:28PM-11:35PM

S u p e r   J a i l s 
do they really 
the Backwards Rider Show
the Rider Backwards Show 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Backwards Rider Tour, Movies, Live Life Drawing, Life Casting, Music, Backwards Bicycle Workshop, Live Game Board, Cafe, Entertainment and special Talents!
Rider: "If where you live in an area that looks something like this you are! 
A scene like this is as old as the most resently found articfact or as ancient as the words written in the holy bible."

the Backwards Movement Party
Couch Surfing
You were never alone!

time to do my nails...

  pluck my eye brows

Carnegie: 4:30PM PC LAB #6
Main St. Science World - King George-Waterfront-Main St. Science World
Safari Cafe : 2PM
Cobalt Hotel1:PM


Galactic Federation of Light Blossom Goodchild January-13-2013

Galactic Federation of Light Hilarion January-13-2013 

Matt MuckleroyMatt Muckleroy·345 videos
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Published on Jan 13, 2013
January 13-20, 2013
Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah)

Beloved Ones,

As you go about your daily life, you are beginning to notice shifts within your bodies and within your consciousness. It is now becoming much easier to stay in equilibrium most of the time, even when changes occur that might have been unexpected or unforeseen. Life just seems to flow in a harmonious and synchronistic way and as you stay attuned to this flow, living in a physical body upon this Planet becomes easier and more filled with grace.

Many of you are experiencing intense heat at various times in your body which comes during or shortly after a download of higher energies and activations. Some of you are experiencing times of the shortness of oxygen or the feeling that you find it hard to get a good breath of air into your lungs. This too, is a symptom that is temporary and has to do with being in a higher frequency level within your auric field. This could be likened to the mountain climbers who scale Mt. Everest, as they get to the higher elevations, the air becomes thinner and more rarefied. There are products on the natural food market that can give assistance with this such as oxygen drops or a daily regimen of vigorous breathing in and out to help your comfort level.

It is time to remind you Dear Ones once again about staying grounded into the core of the Earth. This will help you to integrate the higher energies in a more graceful manner and also help you to walk your path being fully present upon the planet as you bring in more of your higher aspects. If you do not remember to ground yourselves, you can find yourselves losing focus and being unable to complete projects that you are starting or have already implemented. You are each, the bridges between heaven and earth, and so it is a responsibility to self to ensure that this task is one that comes from a balanced energetic body of Light.

There are so many of you discovering the treasures that have lain dormant for eons within yourselves. Many talents are now beginning to surface and it behooves each of you to become an observer and an enabler of all that wants to rise up from within you. There are also skills and talents from previous and future lifetimes that are now coming into your auric field for recognition, assimilation and development. It really is a most exciting time for all souls to inhabit a physical body upon the planet Earth!

Watch your thoughts as they surface, for now you are gaining the ability to make choice as to whether to embrace them or to just let them pass through you and away from you. The possibilities within each thought carries an infinite variety of outcomes depending upon where you place your attention. Truly, your mastership training is in full swing and as you realize your co-creatorship with the Infinite One, you will realize that what you create, you are responsible for, for now the manifestation of your creations will happen more quickly so that you can observe that you are indeed the creator. This will become much easier as you become accustomed to seeing your manifestations appear to you more quickly. Profound times and inner revelations are ahead for all who have done the work.

Until next time...

I AM Hilarion

©2013 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe's credit, copyright and website is included.