Monday, March 26, 2012

Oil does not Mix with Water

As I approach the stop Granville Station I notice 2 officer get on the stop before that and they get off at Granville, just by passive observation they look like they are up too no good since the behaviour of theirs makes them seem like idlers, snooping around looking for someone to bully or pick on with half laws (bylaws)
I start to take pictures of them searching a bag that was on the sidewalk floor and they leave it on the ground without any consideration, to pick it up and bring it away or dipose, the point is that they look like suspicious fellows in black uniform which has no bearing on International Children of Lightand what is needed in the new awakening society who will soon run them out even more to a place where they belong...

We not need people or officers with guns on the street to protect us, as we have our father in heaven who watches over us without sleep, our trust in the most high is all that we rely and count on until the days of old.

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