Friday, July 27, 2012

Breakfast Event - Backwards Rider

Wake up! Wake up! It is time to go...This event is called backwards rider. Backwards Rider is a global awakening program meant to sober up the drunken and fowl spirits. As one does the exercise stipulated in fine detail the collective will find peace of mind, hope, surety and a right of way passage into the dimension of passing to the next upward and onwards...
more... Just remember the millions of babies being pushed in the backwards  by their parents too!

But most if not all who I refer to as they, themselves are not awake (it may seem like it...) enough to the point were they are comfortable with the state that they are in.

Do you need a wake up call?
Are you going to be ready for the upload of positive pure energy, the human spirit is going back to where it came from it's maker. Because it is time! and you know it because it's a vibe.

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