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Camp King Daniel Solar Community Center- Mobile Public Theatre in Studio "Backwards Riders"

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Sunday 10.13.14 - Oppenheimer Fields
Eye witness Electric Vehicles owners on the road from a birds eye view and window...Mushroom picking, listening to music videos...and much more

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 Tuesday 29, Monday 28, Sunday 27,26,  25, Thursday 24,Wednesday 23, 22,,21, 20, 
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Eli was doing flips sideways when as I approach to pass him in Metrotown Mall




Carnegie 11PM - 6AM






The Backwards Rider Show -Life Skills Centre 



 Open Door Group 10:25am-
Safari Cafe 10:00am-10:05am
Cobalt Hotel; Dream (3)  11pm-8:30am


Aleta Kovach

Karenza t. Wall chindi nation, chindi revolution

Judy L

Aleta Kovach




Monday 10
Cobalt Hotel 11pm-7am 4 dreams
Rider 8:30am-8:39am Skytrain/ Main St./ Science World-Granville Station-16th & 29th Electric Bus (stops 3)
Open Door Group: 112 Hastings St & Abbott-Front desk Stephen 9:55am-11:25am/ Print Copy, Design

Harbor Light Corp: Rider Breakfast Event (pancake/ jam, Cantelope/ Bread bun, apple, orange 1 Sausage
Carnegie Hall: Learning Centre Rider online in afternoon! Verz had brouchure/ a flyer from initial last meet up on display as bead work doing socializes with man.

Sunday 9
Carnegie 3rd flr pc lab internet 11:35am-2:36pm
Safari Cafe coffee 11:15am-11:30am
Cobalt Hotel rested 11:30pm-10:45am

Saturday 8
Carnegie Community Centre - Archangel Tamira with green eyes greets me at the foot of the building as soon as I arrived first coming out saying "Backwards Rider"  Hi! 
(Oh my goodness I though in my mind it is her who I was speaking to online Edna's daughter-boyfriend and Dad. Mike the ethiopian looking dude also comes face to face with me at the elevator but I actually didn't have to look since I can literally sense his being. He and I discussed to meet at Potter's to dine...
7pm-8pm pc lab 3rd flr, 1st flr VPL 8:25pm-8:55pm

the, Gathering Place Community Centre - Backwards Rider: I met in the same room with the sound of piano from the fingers of a dude that looked scruffy like the look of a bum living on the streets. After all hours of the  night pasted away Michael without sleep he said to me. I just got here to set up the Mobile Public Theatre and I notice your figure. I don't know how yo do that he said we never called  each other I replied it was based on what I said to you that I would love to link back up with you in the morning before you leave to go to Montreal, well are you still going? Michael: I don't know what is going on or what am doing!.
Safari Cafe - Hall say paint free hand T-shirt you sell them try 5 of them. (coffee)

Friday 7
Unitred Gospel Mission: Dj Wreck Music Support Unit 6:30pm-1am
Michael going to Montreal we socialized about the visions of Backwards Rider,

Open Door Group 11:45am-12:30pm print, design & copy(15)
Life Skills Centre: 10:00am-11:00AM received Certificate of Completion

Thursday 6
United Gospel Mission 5:50pm-6:30pm / dinner(GMO)
Carnegie Community Centre 1st flr VPL 7:30pm-9:10pm, 3rd flr/pc lab, 5pm-5:40pm, learning centre 4:10pm-4:55pm
Life Skills Centre-artoom 2:15pm-3:20pm
Open Door Group 12:15pm-1:30pm
Richmond Courthouse 8:55am-11:15am

Wednesday 5
Potters (GMO)
Carnegie - PC LAB
Amsterdam cafe
Gathering Place Community Centre-artroom
Open Door Group-Print, Design+Copy (20)
Carnegie/Main & Terminal on the Skytrain platform Edna Agla, Comrad Learning Centre
Safari 9:20am-929am

Tuesday 4
Cobalt Hotel 12:15am-11:25am, Safari 11:35am-11:45am, Open Door Group 12pm-2pm, Life Skill Centre 2:30pm-2:45pm, Carnegie/ Legal Aid Info, Gathering Place 3-5pm Digital Media, Astra Holmes

Monday 3
Open Door Group-print/design/copy/online social networking
Hastings Sidewalk-Rose in an electric wheelchair was a stripper and dad a gold miner it was nice to speak with her as she has special needs so I gave her my Backwards Rider mental wellness brochure (15 minute dialog) Jamie life of, Ally, Michelle.
Harbor Light Corp-breakfast event
Cobalt Hotel-relaxation/rejuvenation
Safari Cafe-Coffee

Sunday 2
Carnegie: 3rd floor PC lab/ internet
 United Gospel Mission: Dinner 5:55PM-6:10PM
Gathering Place Community Centre 2:50PM-5:15PM

Saturday 1
Free Portrait Vancouver
Friday 30
Open Door Group
Front desk Stephen
Hastings: Jamie life of Brian on geneology of Christ, Mario from skate park came with a nice piece of plastic, Sue Cobalt Amanda
Mah Benovelent Society .95

Thursday 29
Carnegie has computers station set up by 
Vancoper Public Library: 8:46PM-9:05PM Nadine (front desk librarian) ask me about the staff in my hand I was carrying when I gave her and she now has BWR-B prompted me when I came back to use the PC as I waited in seat # 1 on "I only have an hour limit"- I have my card in reply- Internet, Rick in a wheelchair on in the 
Cafeteria 2nd Floor  said James Horack explains it all 
Art Room: Haisla, John  4:28PM
Monday 12:30-3:30
Tuesday 3-6
Wednesday 3-6
Thursday 1-4
Friday 12:30-3:30
604 665-3014

Open Door Group 12:56PM-2PM

 Wednesday 28
Queensborough 12:50AM-12:15PM
Cobalt Hotel 11:30PM-1:25PM, 
Carnegie: 2nd Confirmation Slip, PC for Lab, Mike computer 1, VP Library internet, 
Learning Centre - Archangel ,Knee- Archangel Angel Eye
Open Door Group - (front desk) Stephen prints brochure
Life Skills Centre - Sylvan 2:30PM Artroom, Coffee
Tuesday 27
Ascension of Backwards Rider
  Archangel Anna

Monday 26
Sarah from Ontario said I can sing as we spoke and I went into some details with Backwards Rider the program, takes my seat on the train after getting off...

Safari Cafe, Open Door Group, Chris, Ben, Gus

Sunday 25
Carnegie: Library/ Internet - 6:41PM - 7PM, 7:20PM - 7:45PM
Ben 5:30PM
Safari 12:30PM Adam
Mike 6:15PM

Saturday 24
Downtown Vancouver

Downtown Vancouver

Thursday 22
Oppenheimer Park Community Corner: 3:05PM - 5PM
Kerri has BR Business Plan copy x (4), Ally, Sandy, Benny, Erica
Life Skills Centre: DJ Wreck walks out of entrance - Cobalt Hotel to see if there is any items for use. Not before @ National and Main as we are about to get of from boarding at Main St. Hastings. 1:12PM, At Bus stop 7366, present were
9 Transit (ition) Security Officers: #162 Wrote me a ticket for failure to produce proof of payment, #7(F), #125(M), #11571(M), #7780(M), # none, (M) who had no number, just a piece of velcro across where the number should have been, #9657(M) Ask me and my company if we had tickets as he held his arms across gesturing not to let us pass as we both stepped down off of the bus rear doors, #1(M), #02(F).   

Open Door Group 11:45AM - 12:55 (10) BWR Brochure, (5) Religious Prints

First Appearance - 9:10AM
 Return Date: December 6, 9:00AM, Richmond Court. Seeking Duty Council.

During August, as I was on Wreck Beach trying to enjoy my summer making new friends answering questions about my tour - backwards rider to stranger who came up to me quite frequently. I was handcuffed and led across the sand naked by police who wrote me a ticket saying I was selling (drugs). 
Trumped court date set by men in black 9:00AM - let's see what happen today...

Welcome to Provincial Court of British Columbia | Provincial Court of ...
Welcome to the Provincial Court of British Columbia website. The Provincial Court hears in excess of 240,000 cases each year. For most British Columbians, it is ...

As I arrived and went in 10 minutes to the time posted and knocked on the door 101, a security person opened the door I can't even remember if he/ she was armed. 

Duty Council: review my document really quickly and advised me (Backwards Rider) what to expect at my first appearance/ hearing.

When I said I do not have a lawyer this was my referral to 

Legal Services Society 
legal aid office
300-8055 Anderson Road
(604) 273-9311

Meanwhile people as Christians-Catholics , Muslims, Bahai, Rasta, Sikhs, etc. 
are spewing out sleeping gas into the air like there is no end to it, on every corner of streets where vulnerable youth, family with babies, young children around the globe by driving cars, flying airplanes and boating manufactured an industry who by making the bid to devil worshipers living the LIE, in DENIAL.

Wednesday 21
Carnegie Centre - Learning Centre, 3rd floor 1:45PM - 4:25PM
Wilheminvia mentions Mary Makuba
Ken @front desk, Chris: Computer Lab (confirmation slip)
Life Skills Centre - 1:30PM
Social Services - Stub 12:30PM
Oppenheimer Park Corner - CLOSED

Tuesday 20
Gathering Place Community Centre - 3PM-7:05PM
  Open Door Group Stephen, Jeena, Kam: Appt. Aileen online,10AM[x]10:30AM-2:30PM
Oppenheimer Park Corner - CLOSED 

Monday 19
Plotters Place Mission 9:30PM-10:45PM Archangel Debbie brought the message of light to our hearts, Valerie, Dori

Open Door Group 12:50PM- @ front desk Jeena, Stephen & Kam
Printed & Design New Backwards Movement Party Flyers & Brochure
Life Skills Centre 10:00AM - 11:15AM - Breakfast (Oatmeal & Peach) 
(Indian looking man threaten me with harm). As he asked me why do you wear make up and when I said to him I would love to answer your question to billions of viewer. He said that is why I don't like you. I hate you he said and I want to kill you. That is when he walked off and I said now I know how you feel and I proceeded to bring this threat to the front desk personal. Who approach the man and spoke with him about the matter.  Aaron/ Sylvan who was at the front desk cam back to me and said he promised to not say anything to me again.
Safari Cafe 9:40AM - 9:55AM - Organic Coffee

Sunday 18
Saturday 17
Safari Cafe: Trinity Western University - Ben  Birkenstock & friends(2), Evette delivered pastries to Ivanhoe Hotel

Friday 16 
Carnegie: Library - Yohan (front desk)
Ben in person walking with me explained that yesterday evening while he was on the Skytrain he fell asleep  from being very tired, with my IBM he had just repaired in a plastic bag by his side and found out that when he woke up it was missing.
Life Skill Centre, Robert taking video/ photos
 Art room: Pete, Naomi
Oppenheiner Park - Community Corner
Lofti, Ally, Kerri, Moranda, Celeste, Jone Sanchez, Issac, Michelle W.
Cobalt Hotel

Thursday 15 
Cobalt Hotel
Black Velvet: donations to workshop- fish string, wrap, beads, tights, black spring jacket, pair socks

Wednesday 14
Tuesday 13

Gathering Place Community Centre
Gus has been a boat enthusiasts from his childhood and aided a friend or two with their own.
Search: Galactic Federation of light november 13, 2012
Results: Planet Therapy Project,Galactic Federation of Light,Sharon-Ann Riley, 16 November 2012
Monday  12 Cobalt, Safari
Carnegie: Mike say go see info on workshop ideas

Sunday 11
Cobalt Entertainment, Safari
Saturday 10  
Carnegie: Wilhelminva points to a man sitting on a horse backwards near the 
Cambie bridge (Aquarium),  
Terri tells me she has books to write about people and life
Eva on Sustainable Concepts

Friday 9
Whisky Bar - Organix on Trance 

Thursday 8 
Vancouver Hack Space - 8pm-9:30pm Lorisa, James, DJ Wreck
Wednesday 7
2:30PM-5PM Chicken lady Gathering Place Community Centre
12:15 PM Open Door 

10:45AM Sarah@ front desk, Katie on sewing machine, Window Community
 Ben get to the boat it is in Jeapardy of sinking, When I called his girlfriend's cell at their apartment she told me he got jumped and that he is in the Hospital. Am concerned about Ben right now. I sent him an email and so far he has not responded to it. - Ends up the pump is working it was just my pre-cautious nature making sure.

11:00AM - 11:25AM Potter's Place Mission
22nd to Science World - Skytrain backwards (Backwards Rider), Electric
and Double Bus to Main St. & Hastings found breakfast along the way in a bag.
Mineral water,  a box of crunchy granola bars, shrimp flavor chips-
Dreamt last night about the twins in Toronto that both where giving me a hard time at the place where I so called lived. The same room where CBC news writer Janet Thompson had an interview with me - who call themselves sons of Ra that although in my mind I though in my dream I was not going to an area but did anyways. Saw that when I got there I could swim and that the fight that they are going to try to get me to do I decided am not interested but disgusted.
So I get to the area and began to to swim down the lane past them and past people. 
Dephicering the dream - all of the dream just meant there are a lot of the twin mentality in the Main & Hastings stretch

 4:30PM - 5PM Chris and I carry load to 22nd/ dock
5 Queensborough boat pump stopped overnight

4 Queensborough 
Aboard the Island Jewel 40' Yatch cleaning
11:35AM - 11:37AM Salvation Army - Tom, Open Door Group 12:25PM

Violators who continue to  
knowingly (Possessing knowledge, information, or understanding. See Synonyms at intelligent. 2. Showing clever awareness and resourcefulness; shrewd. 3. Suggestive of .)/   
unknowingly  adv [anˈnouiŋli] unknowingly without being aware She had unknowingly given the patient the wrong medicine. adj unˈknown destroy oxygen (air) we all breathe will be held accountable ...

6:09PM Vancouver Central Library , Cobalt Hotel, Open Door Group, Life Skills Centre,

Tuesday 30
9:30PM-10:00PM Potters Place Mission
10:05PM-10:09 Snowflake(T) Harbor lights - "walk with me around the corner"

Monday 29
Pics of Sank Star
25 foot Yatch sitting under water for almost 1year so far.

The week before last I saw a dude on a boat with another guy, riding high waves and I was hanging from underneath the boat.

I woke up and forgot about it, but told Chris about it and he also forgot. Until the next following week. I was going into Chinatown-Stadium Station riding my bicycle in backwards when I noticed a caucasion dude walking up to me fast...

He said my bicycle just got stolen did you see a white.... and I replied and said no...and that was that and we departed.

Next day I was at the library and the same dude came up to me...and remind me that was him...
Long story short he did not get his bicycle back....more...
I had a person whom I met since I came to Occupy Vancouver- -Toronto who ask me to help him clean a friend of his boat 2months ago...

Sunday  28
Queensborough, Potter's Place Mission,
Gathering Place Community Centre, VPL, Safari, Cobalt

1974 Sank Star 25 '
Saturday 27
4:30AM-8:15PM Queensborough

Friday 26
all day

Thursday 25,

Wednesday 24,
5:00PM Queensborough - organizing, boat cleaning more..
12:15PM-12:30PM Cobalt Hotel
2:45PM-3:25PM Open Door Group

Cobalt Hotel, Safari Cafe, Open Door Group, Salvation Army

Tuesday 23,
Timothy (Sparrow Poem) Linton , Emily, Kia & Coby
May 3, 2009 Same guy, same time, everyday. Indianapolis

11:00AM,  Safari Cafe - Adam

11:10AM the, Vancouver Sun- Job Searching Newspaper

Monday 22,

Nice Backwards Scene, Cool Dude man 

5:17 PM Carly Carly 1, Carly 2 & Allen
3:40 PM Charlette
3:30 PM Justin
2:00 PM Audrie

Sunday October 21

 Extra Cold Weather Blankets ,12:30PM Carrall Street Church , Amy & Phil

Toronto-ICAN sang Rider's Birthday during drum session next to Guide Star Designs
Brella & Co.

Saturday 20,

Girl Exercises on Sidewalk 

Girl, Hand Stand on Bench

MP more...
Friday October 19

Atrium - Break Dancers

5:45 PM , Ben
9:45AM-9:50AM Cobalt Motor Hotel
10:15AM-10:20AM Safari Cafe
10:30AM-10:45AM Radio Station Café
10:50AM-10:59AM Life Skills Centre
11:25AM - 3:25PMDoor

Thursday 18  
7:21PM Vancouver Backwards Movement Party 
    5:51PM Toronto  Backwards Movement Party 
5:49PM Vancouver Central Library
1:45PM-2:55PM Radio Station Cafe , Training 
12:50PM-1:45PM, 3:30PM-4:30PM Open Door
9:45AM Cobalt Hotel (Motor) Aggressive when need be... 
(Officer Wesly comes riding bicycle hunch over, high seat around back!) 

 Wednesday 17

Samantha does her own vendor

Life Skills Centre - Front desk
Tim Horton - Dodds/ Rider

9:30AM 102.7, Radio Station Cafe - Courier Schedule

2:20PM - 3:30PM Life Skills Centre, Painting - My Guitar

Traveling Broke and Ugly, Victorian Islanders, Courtney, Paul Smith 
Said he marched with the man Martin Luther King back in the day.
John & Nick  Milross & Main St.
Francis National & Main St.
Painted Guitar - Life Skills Centre


Brian on slope climbing, An Archangel appears and... 

Wednesday October 9

Pigeon Park 

Concrete Jungles,

Con - Struction (Free (my) mason) Making imaginations/ Illusions into Reality

Saturday October 6
Wes, gave up handmade belt , friendly cyclist, Robert Chris, Visitor 2,,

Visitors of Vancouver, Pete

Saturday October 2 

Saturday 22, 6:20 PM Visitors of Vancouver
Sunday  23, 3:45 PM the, Book Man upset with Backwards Rider , Upset Book Man pt 2

Sunday 23, 1:40 PM Pedestrians hit by Vehicle of Mass Destruction

Monday 24, 9:00PM  Film Studio: Conference call

Vancouver Art Gallery
Monday 17, 5:10 PM Wolf of Brand New Baby

Sunday 7, 

Safari Cafe, Wata on the Digerido


Thursday 6,

Plays a flute while jewelry making...

Helen donated candy to the show

Wednesday 5,

Backwards Rider Tours - Sustainable Re-Development

 Tuesday 4,

Jack - Artist


A man backwards, in wheelchair July 30
Tatwata: Speaks about UFO experience
20, DJ Rocky - Ignite Smoke Shop
May 11, Guide Star Designs
The, Vancouver Sun - Backwards Rider on Homelessness (Media 2)


17-29 Occupy Toronto - St James Park

June 21, Bicycle Film Festival
Saturday, July 9, 2011
It gives you a different perspective, both in reality and metaphorically.
"Leslie Slowley is known among downtowners as "the backwardsrider" on account of his unconventional cycling method - which according to the police, is not against the law. Ride on!"

July 07 Toronto Star, Backwards Rider,  Aphex - I love aphex sticker, paintings
April 14, TORONTO 416Cyclestyle: BACKWARDS RIDER

Try Your Hand at Backwards Riding

22 Why Backwards Riding?
19 Mysterious Youth Backwards Ride (Eaton Centre)
11, Charitable Act of Nature - Sick Kids Foundation,  Tyler
11 Backwards Rider in the Alley, Cigarette in Hand
October, September, August, July, June, May, April, March, Febuary, January



18, Paper Wasps - Original Music by: Michelle Bellerose


10, Music by - Shawnie B

4 Night, Rider Backwards


3, The BACKWARDS RIDER [TORONTO] Stolen from Africa 

10, Backwards Rider Paper workshop - Backwards Rider Began 

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2006 Furlanis
2005 Crossing walk Guard
2004 Markham Economist & Sun
2003 Comda
2002 Toronto Wholesale Print
2001 Prince Aleston

2000 Concorde Heat Treatment
1999 IAOD, Purity Heat Treatment
1998 Camp King Daniel, Single Parents Now, Internation Chldren of Light Group, Fashion Tribz, Naketin
1997 PC Wings Inc. The Bible Game Series 1.0
1996 Legal Proclamation
1995 Separation
1994 Archangel Garnet Silk
1993 Married
1992 Car Care Evolution
1991 Jeremiah Prophet
1990 Markham, ON

1989 12 Diploma
1988 GRD 11
1987 GRD 10
1986 GRD9
1985 GRD8
1984 GRD7
1983 GRD6
1982 GRD5
1981 GRD4
1980 GRD3
1979 GRD2
1978 GRD 1
1977 New Sibling
1976 Immigration Canada
1975, 1974, 1973, 1972, 1971, 1970 Jamaica, Clarendon (born on Mountain top)

Dodds Rider
Producer (script)
Special Guests

Blooper Shots

 Carly, Brella

We would like to thank all of our friends, family, supporters and most of all sponsors of the Backwards Rider Show! 

Enjoy the next viewing keep tuned in and we will be right back with more of what is happening on the streets and around us.

Today tune in for more updates on sustainable living - We are here waiting for the Return of the Second Coming of Light Consciousness (Christ) and a host for his Divine Majesty,  Prime Creator
The Galactic Federation of Light.

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