Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Children and Youth | Interested In How to be part of an Emerging Green Company

The Backwards Rider Show 
I often take a moment to think about new born who are sensitive to the quality of air upon the first breathe taking coming into this world.

Surfaced the first year spent in Vancouver, BC and now am open to meet people who have always had a vision to build up on new companies needing the assistance but do not have the frame work except what is already advertised to the public.  I do have my own story as to why and when I refrain from driving a gas vehicle or better for me to say to operate a vehicles of mass destruction. I think children, youth are actually terrified of the sleeping gas car they just don't express it that way and mask the fear of  a large truck bellowing down the road and stinky cars with "oh I like that one and this one only because adults seem cold and don't really have an open mind about how to comfort those who think differently
(its not like your going to get a child arguing with an adult about what the operation of the gas cars that exist now is catastrophic).
The engine is a product of the cold war and should be deemed an illegal and dangerous to be replaced with green vehicles for public use only...
Kids should be at ease and feel hopeful at our green goals...
We hope you feel the same way...
I have checked out quite a few electric vehicle companies and they are right on track with an example for the concept of how another community would go about the honor and respect citizens of their countries and neighbors of those communities

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