Michelle Duggar Claims All Transgendered People Are Child Predators And Are A Threat To America

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Fayetteville, Arkansas – Reality TV star Michelle Duggar of “19 and Counting” is vehemently against a new law the city council is considering to promote equality among the sexes particularly in terms of sexual orientation.
The measure would improve the access that the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community has in terms of housing including public accommodations, and the workplace. Apparently, Duggar has a fundamental disbelief that a person can alter their gender and truly become the opposite sex. This belief was evident in a robo call she recorded on behalf of a group opposed to the measure called “FreeFayetteville”, a front group for the Arkansas Family Council.
While there is nothing wrong about being in opposition to the law, Duggar has resorted to ad hominem attacks against transgendered people by stating that the law would allow men to share the same restrooms, showers, and accommodations used by women.
She claims that some of these men may have prior convictions for being pedophiles.
By implication, this means the law being proposed would put the public safety at risk. Obviously, Duggar did not cite any specific instance of a pedophile changing his gender in order to have closer access to women and young girls. Bear in mind that a transgendered person has their genitalia transformed to that of the opposite sex.
Regardless, Duggar fails to understand that anytime a person has to resort to ad homonyms to promote their cause, it is because they have no better way of defending their position. It is unclear what effect the robo call had on the public.

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