Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A day at Backwards Rider!

P o w e r P r o g r a m
R  e  t  r  e  a  t
                      What would it be like for you as a guest at Backwards Rider Breakfast Event & Group Activities?

We have a central meeting spot that is planned and agreed upon on a daily basis for those who will participate under volunteer and first come first serve concept. 3 days out the week attend one of our info sessions to find out more about the group as a establishment/ Household name for future reference to any activity that we may be involved with.

You do not need a note from the doctors office unless it is a mental health issue. 

Backwards Rider Breakfast Event - Tv show, where on your way to school, work or recreation, stop by our studio and try your hand at Backwards Rider line up

Backwards Rider Board Game - Off/ Online
Backwards Tours - Occupiers

Earth Vigil/ Re-Cycled Paper Arts (Artist Busking)

Statistical Data - Baby Carriers

Camp King Daniels - Organic Gardening 
Small Group/ Individual Schedule

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