Tuesday, May 8, 2012

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Interested in a Backwards Rider Reality WebTV show?
What will an episode of a show be like...Gate 1- Entrance - A line up will ensue from tickets and check into studio
As the audience watches the stage, it is music, natural lighting and street action... As a livestream feeds into the studio, we may have to pause of slow down the frames per/ seconds for some scenes to be understood.

Go to Backwards Rider Reality Web Show Trial runs now  >>>

The Breakfast EventBoard Game
New volunteers from the audience or mail list will be chosen out of a bucket or bag winners are rewarded.
Sight Seeing, photos, Video from the public about cycling in the area you live or work in. Share friends on the road from across the globe. Life of cyclists young and old. News updates. Share with Backwards Rider, backwards riding videos, pics of friend or self.

Baby carriers and 24 related backwards activties is always going to be a highlight asnew faces and info to share comes up. Accident reports, fatalities and change.
Backwards rider from around the world doing there thing backwards

Re-Cycled Paper Arts Gallery & Shops

Music by Roots Tonic

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