Monday, November 4, 2013

Morgan Freeman talks political correctness: ‘I all of a sudden became an African’ VIDEO

Rider: "Am not sure Mr. Freeman understood at the time what happened or if he did would under a different context expound on "I am not African" ( In the systems eye due to political incorrectness.
We must ask ourselves how does this stuff work itself out that a prominent Black man that we grew up seeing in some of the greatest action movies and to what could possible happen in the mind. Maybe because he is sitting in from of Caucasians with camera's rolling. But still! For the man to say this about himself must obviously have things to work out in his heart just anyone who says something silly but no one is going sooner than later say hey buddy it's a mistake by verbalizing,  "I’m not African.”

"On Friday’s “Today” on NBC, the stars of the recently released movie “Last Vegas” were asked to react to a decision by the Hallmark greeting card company to omit the word “gay” from the lyrics of “Deck the Halls” on a Christmas ornament.
“Don we now our fun apparel,” the ornament reads.
Morgan Freeman weighed in and noted that political correctness has forced upon him the label of “African” in the term “African-American.”

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“Yeah, we have a tendency to do that anyway,” Freeman said. “I mean, you get — politically correct stuff happens that you don’t want to happen. I all of a sudden became an African — political correctness, African-American. I’m not African.”
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