Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Dream Studio

Just a reminder to those who do not quite get the meaning of what it is to be living in duality.

A person will understands this concept and the process of eliminating the habits and language that goes with it.

Here is one that most of us are challenge on, about the first thing in the morning.

Allowing your sense memory to comb the thoughts of your mind. When this is done it should reveal a cartoonish faint image giving you a conscious imprint of "what is being done or doing". Let go of the haze refocus and try again later.

The dream world (4th) is as real as the (3rd) world. Does this concept sound familiar (3rd world). Get your system unblocked if you do not dream or like the Federation said if you are not dreaming then you may be one of those persons who got the early sign of the flag ship is down (Orion/ Moon)
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