Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Crow Story

2012th: When I arrived in Vancouver I used to sit on the bridge at Broadway and Commercial were there where a concentration of outdoor vendors and pan handlers.

Touring: Most of the time was taken up absorbing the sun energy meet and greet people I have never met before daily.

Sightsees: Every evening there are scores of crows that flew over the city to get to there spot.

2013th: Since a change in my activity with the items I carry to market I feel like I am doing well to offer smudge sticks as part of my contribution to individuals who purchase them for their own spiritual or personal reasons. As I would nomally get ready to spend the day on Commercial Drive during this time noticed the Crows pathway had changed to align which seem to be at a distant over in front of my view.

To make sense of this story you must read More of the Associated  Crow Story Last Year. I will post Check for Story Later!

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