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Backwards Rider: Daughter of Zion - Bride

A Wedding and the Father of the Bride

The Role of a Dad in His Daughter's Wedding

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So, your daughter is getting married. Well, congratulations and welcome to the exclusive group of soon-to-be fathers in law. Being the father of the bride and having a daughter get married can be a little traumatic. After all, some young man is taking your place as the most important male in your daughter's life. And it is an important rite of passage for you, your partner, your daughter and her fiancés.
So, what do you need to do when your daughter shows up with a diamond and a beau? What is the role of the father of the bride?

Preparing for the Wedding Events

The Father's Role in Pre Wedding Planning
Are you just the guy who writes the checks (or scans the credit card), or does a dad have other roles in the wedding planning process?
Fathers and Their Daughter's Wedding Celebration
Walking down the aisle is an important part of what a dad does at his daughter's wedding. But there is much, much more a father can do to make the wedding a positive and memorable experience.
The Wedding Reception and After
As the father of the bride, the wedding reception is the reward after all the work associated with the wedding itself. A time to meet your friends, celebrate with family and wish your daughter and her husband well on their new adventurers together.
What a Dad Needs to Know About Wedding Budgets
So your daughter is getting married, and you have the responsibility to plan for and pay the bills. Find out what you should know as the father of the bride about wedding planning and budgeting so you can make wise decisions and draw the appropriate limits around spending for the wedding.

Father of the Bride Wedding Speech

Wedding Speech Ideas for Fathers
When a father is asked to speak at his daughter's wedding, he wants the moment to be perfect. These sample speeches can be used just as they are or can help the father of the bride come up with great ideas for his own custom wedding speech.
Wedding Toasts for the Father of the Bride
While every wedding toast should be unique and focused on the bride and groom, these favorite wedding toasts will at least give you a place to start in preparing your father of the bride toast to the bride and groom.

Dancing with the Bride

Top Ten Father-Daughter Wedding Dance Songs
Trying to find the perfect wedding dance for you and your daughter at her wedding? Then explore this list of favorites from fathers of the bride.
Country Western Wedding Dance Songs for Dads and Daughters
If you wedding has a country theme, or you and your daughter just like country music, then this list is for you. Check out the best country songs for a father-daughter wedding dance.
Popular and Traditional Father-Daughter Wedding Dance Songs
If you tastes run more in the vein of traditional songs or those off the pop charts, then you will find a great wedding dance song on this list.
How to Dance the Fox Trot
While some fathers are able dancers, many are not. And having to dance with your wife, partner or daughter at an important event can seem overwhelming. These simple instructions for the basic fox trot step, when practiced, can help ease that anxiety and help a father learn how to be ready for dance events.
How to Dance the Waltz
Whether at a daughter's coming out party or at her wedding, there will be opportunities for fathers and daughters to dance together in formal and informal settings. If you need to learn the waltz for such an event, this step by step process will help you master the basic step and not be embarrassed as a dancing dad.
How to Dance the Quick Step
When a dad without a lot of dancing experience needs to dance the quick step for a wedding, debutante ball or other event, this quick tutorial will help him learn the basic step and not embarrass himself in the process.

Share Your Wedding Memory

Share your Favorite Wedding Story
Do you have a favorite moment from your wedding that involved both the bride and her dad? Share your memory here and even upload a photo of the father of the bride and his daughter.

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