Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Transcendental Neuro-Therapy - Backwards Transportation

Watch these videos of Backwards Riders
Video # 1 >>> Time Travel Position
Video # 2 >>> Time/ Space Travel
Effortlessly, joyous, and established effective for high stress relief, wellness etc.

Share your experience of  what it feels like to take the ride in the backwards position.
Share your conscious experience with other Backwards Riders who are of this group.
Next time be aware of the choice in seating and see how that feel while doing your subtle but simple breathing technique then do share if you like by these methods.

In person, Email, Photo, video, voicemail
Train, Airplane
Here video footage of a scene all to familiar which spans the globe...
Tune in as we look to launch our show in a much friendlier and grand way with your support.
Gain more knowledge and Learn from each other as to what this means to our generation of space/ time travellers.

Visual the trains to begin with all over the globe which are the most accessible form for folks
Grasp the enormity of this new budding company of Backwards Travellers and Company as unuique.
All ages, no discrimantion, no racism and people will to be aware of this awesome and amazing pandoras box of greening pasture.
CAUTION: (There is a very small percentage of persons who end upset from this form of travel, do not continue to do this excercise in any length to this extent)


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