Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sustainable Living

As the world turns - Spinning on it's axis, tilted we travel the cosmos, one half is covered with light and the other darkness by the second hand we go.
Babies being born upside down, backwards hopefully all at some point conscious Riders...from being original Occupiers to dancing teletubies we welcome a new era on the rise, this is known as the age of enlightenment, flying things (aquarius).
We are an ancient nomadic peoples returning to occupy parks, etc. what we call our home from destroyers of the atmosphere, obstructors of nature. We would rather use the material strewn all over the land to build mobile homes with as solarized, windmill type structures which cost no rent, bills in the mail etc. just peace, love and unity.
We do not need companies like Tridel  to build for us because every time they do it, shingles are a sure part of it, just to make sure your family is/ are bound.
Every government official should be accompanied by a poor child standing right there...teaching and training them to take over until there are no adults left to lie cheat and steal money for their own selfish desires

Greetings to everyone on the committee and a warm welcome to those among us in occupied regions across the globe. May all sustainable wishes be granted to children of the poverty governing body which to say the 99%. Food.Fire.Water.Wind.Air.Soil.Sun
 Food & Beverage Support
 Safari Cafe Coffee Imports -             March 6, 2012                 (Pastries)            1007 Main St.

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