Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Joe Mar

I was walking up a street called Helmcken as I just about got on Howe St in Vancouver I stopped to take a picture of some bushes that seem to fit nicely in the foreground of a high rise when a young gentleman  that looked asian got my attention so I ask if he could get in the picture and he gladly said yes. When that picture was taken I insisted we take more and of us and we began to talk about the birds and the bees and you name it. By the time we sat down it was us, Emily and Jessica who sat by the steps to share. Joe blows glass into the form of bongs. I was happy to have met hom because personally I do not know anyone else that does. Joe has the spirit of an entreprenuer and told me that he has been through a lot, like many people we all know slightly or strongly from a diffrenent point of view. Good going Joe and we will support you and the many great moments to come...

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