Monday, April 16, 2012

Retreats/ Seminars

What could be other possible ways to free the mind from stress.
How about a backwards like day an alternative exercise on how doing so creates
new path ways for your neurons to jump over to the left side of your brain to stimulate it.
What kind of rewards from doing that does it do? Well professional in the field may tell you that
it is a mental exercise, a test of fear of the unknown.

Backwards Rider Orientation - Meet and Greetings, Intro Session
Backwards Rider TV Shows  -  Backwards Rider Board Game, Try your hand at Backwards Line up, Sharing from chat room, pics, video, received
Backwards Rider Seminars   - Camping, Breakfast Event, Sightseeing, Occupy Tours
          Backwards Rider Day   -  Training, Rowing, Private Jet

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