Monday, June 25, 2012

Our Community Bikes - Volunteers

These parts I removed from the bicycle donated to me by a sponsor in replacement for betters ones.. Thanks for the assistance in making the bicycle I am riding safe guys (Jesse & co.)

17th and Main Street - Monday, June 25, It was really quick finding the parts to put on my now backwards rider. The parts where 1 bar end, not the curved type, a piece that screwed on as it goes in between the brake and the cable for back brakes, another bar end that went where the seat use to go which now holds down the plant pot to collect donations and doubles as a piece of art to fresh flowers and pot pouri bowls. The training wheels will have to be fastened on with nuts and bolts to compensate for length making the wheels to touch the ground. A light at the front for the head lamp which takes 4 AA batteries. Jordan asked me about my bicycle and assisted with the looking for parts for the bicycle being converted into bicycle I continue to ride comfortably... 

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