Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ride On - Ride Away Bicycles , CARL

CAFE BRIXTON - Last night after leaving the drive and dropped off Re-Cycled Paper Arts-workshop, gallery I went back out to close...As I went from bar front to bar front it didn't take to long before I began to bump into people I now knew in Vancouver partying.

So I get to a bar with a good amount of patrons hanging out in fron so I approach a group of 3 women and started to ask have they heard about Backwards RIder, the reply from one who was standing said "Am not worried about anything", I guess that what she thought I uttered, but one of her girlfriends started laughing because she knew thats not what I had said.

Backwards Rider: Tell her what I said and she and I lol for a minute as thought to myself I gotta find a nice way to get going and walk off since it might be trouble stirring up.

Just as the idea came I heard a voice say Backwards Rider in front and beside me, there was a good pause before I turned with a internal sigh of relief since this is an excuse to get from this small situation that arose from the dark night.

Hey I met you in Toronto and Carl began to ride a bicycle the group of guys that he was with in front of the venue... Ryli, Eli, and Tyler gave hi fives, took a swig as we talked about the present moment and the Bicycle shop Ride Away...more...

I would like to start with a small group of guys that I can tour with doing the backwards rider campaign, to the group of 7 guys that stood cheering after it was my turn to do a demonstartion of backwards riding...I told my boss about you and I showed him a video of you too...said Carl who works at the company Ride On and is going away for about a week....

Ride On

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