Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Free Agent Management -

Free Agent Management “F.A.M” is a full service artist company. We were founded to help strategically promote DJ’s and Artists to the general public and in the corporate world as well.
The overall benefits of a team in the entertainment industry are endless. F.A.M creates relationships with nighclubs, event coordinators, corporate staff, celebrity and professional athlete assistants to offer quality DJ’s, Hosts, and Entertainment at any size event, anywhere in the world.
Free Agent Management is a full service booking and management company. We can provide support to any Artist, DJ, and/or public figure looking to enhance their brand.
FREE AGENT MANAGEMENT was developed to push a brand built on relationships from over 20 + years of night club, event, and festival recognition by F.A.M developers BARRY CAREW and DJ SKRIBBLE.

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