Monday, June 25, 2012

Backwards Bicycle - Workshop

Backwards Riders Association of Canada
This version of backwards bicycle is the same except the model and make.
June 23, Michelle, 51 years of age was excited to find out more as she inquired about the power program for the advocacy of cycling safely on the road ways with vehicles of mass destruction.

I want to learn how to ride my bicycle backwards she said! But you will need training wheel I replied. No I wanna just go.. Well what I say about that except if we go in a safe area where we have enough space to maneouver.

We need to have meeting just like those other companies and help kids and seniors who understand the actual condition we are in to do a U turn with how society exist.

Surely a beautiful day but how can we seriously enjoy with everyone who say they have responsibilities go casual by you and you loved ones as toxic fumes are scattered into the nostrils of babies just a few metres of the side walk all in the name of democracy mow down tress who happens to make oxygen for everyone, it's fine some religious funatic say and it's ok says the man in the suit. who care says the construction man, fumigated plants and veggies baking in the sun we all have to go some time is the attitude that lead the way in plain sight of terrified toddlers inching to be by the sides of dads and struggling mothers.

A fleet of backwards bicycles will have to be the regiment of The Backwards Rider School for Mental Health and Fitness.  There has to be a place that those interested in the activity of manual dexterities may find  the world class movement for people of dignity and are blocked by others success drilling for oil, and ignoring the call from mother nature to a global consciousness to preserve the quality of life we all deserve.You are a backwards rider look into it!

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