Thursday, December 19, 2013

11 Year Old Girl Leads Her Family Off The Grid!

I am always excited when I see someone following our page and accomplishing something with it.  Angie Allison had this to say about her daughter:
My daughter aged 11, we think she started to live of the grid herself,  I now have a garden, table and chairs to remind us of this day.
She’s been on your page and is now collecting ship loads of pallets!! They’re being stored at the woods ready for spring..
We live in the Uk – this was last summer – July.1473759_10152046753263563_1040935326_n 1499732_10152046753268563_1865983974_n
More and more of us are following the trend, because it’s a no brainer.  So much of the world was living a lifestyle of indebtedness, and following the real Estate collapse in the U.S, the entire world felt the economic downturn.  The backlash from all that debt, and it’s downfall is the understanding that to move forward and learn the skills necessary to get by with little will prepare the next generation to be economical, to live with what they have, to be savers, and to avoid debt while getting ahead.  In the long run, I see the light at the end of the tunnel!  It is a world with less debt and less stress who will be more stable and able to cope with what may come!  
Way to go little Miss Allison!
David Webster
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