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The Pleiadian Deception


There are many nonhuman races that have interacted with various inhabitants of the earth and, as well, many of them (unfortunately) are the product of a brainstorming session at some NSA meeting. One of those fake ET races is the Pleiadians.
Having contemplated the Pleiadian race for a number of years, and frankly too busy with my more serious work on reality physics, I finally decided at the end of 2012 (perhaps urged forward by the invisible Mayan calendar and rather oblivious event) to put all of my ideas together and to finally figure out whether all the Pleiadian messages online and people who believe they are Pleiadian are making any sense. I am fortunate to have filtered out most of the UFO deception and lies from my quarter, and the fakers don’t bother me because I know who they might be working for and I’m happy to expose them. I have had direct and well-documented contact with genuine Stelan races since I was a child. I have communicated with Stelans using telepathy, voice, and other methods of communication. I have touched Stelans and they have touched me. I have seen and felt the welts on my skin after one particular race held my hand. I have stood beside Stelans and seen their presence. I have met Stelans in human form, of many kinds, and have had many kinds of communications. Genuine Stelans know me and my work.
I have also met dark Stelans, those who have aligned themselves with hoarding and subversion, who feel that their superiority should not go to waste on the earth and so they want to maintain their purity by deceiving humanity. I have been attacked by them and their minions (typically third-rate sorcerers who have sold their souls for what amounts to a few tricks). And, truthfully, having spent the last 7 years of my life on these matters, rather intensely; it is very easy to deceive a public that loves to believe in lies. It doesn’t help that the world is built on lies. In any case, I have a pretty clear impression of what a true Stelan is (through vibration and cultural habits), no matter their disposition. I have written and recorded discussions on my Stelan knowledge for those many years as well. I am not perfect in this regard which is why I spent extra effort on the Pleiadian mystery.
But the Pleiadians bothered me because many lightworkers believed the Pleiadian race to be real, and they’re not. Some lightworkers also believe themselves to have a Pleiadian heritage, but they do not. As a writer, in 2012 I wrote a screenplay with Stelans in it and they happened to run into a very famous Nazi and it turned out in my research that this black-haired Nazi came out to be described as a Pleiadian. It was at that point, I suppose, that I began to think about this a little more. And my work has turned up some surprises and disappointments. This is not a comprehensive work, as you have surmised. The surprise was that the “Pleiadian bloodline” was linked to the Aryan race (an Indo-European people) and that meant that it was connected to a particular stock of mitochondrial DNA. So that was the first clue: Aryan blood or, better, Indo-European mitochondrial DNA data (and not all of them are blonde-haired and blue-eyed).
Having a particular stock of DNA, as we are knowing, enables us to relate to one another using frequency and vibration; therefore, those with that mitochondrial DNA were able to receive messages (data) from others, and one of those messages (of many) was that “you are a Pleiadian.” Again, this mitochondrial DNA had nothing to do with the Pleiades star cluster. This particular star cluster, recognized by nine chief stars (2 parents and 7 sisters), it should be noted cannot sustain life as we know it. The brightest star in the Pleiades is a brown dwarf with less than 10% of the mass of our own sun. And brown dwarves are decaying, in fact, the Pleiades (about 150 million year old) will continue to decay for say another 250 million years. (But I’m not an astrophysicist.)
UFO Contactee Billy Meier met some blonde-haired blue-eyed star visitors from beyond the Pleiades (basically in another dimension) in the 1970s, and although some of his contact tasks are consistent with alien visitations, most are not. For example, they would hand Meier metal samples to prove that they were genuine ETs or he was warned of overpopulation of the planet and that earth could only support 500 million people and it would require severe birth control, even periods of stopping births. (We have 7 billion people on the earth and there’s plenty more room.)
About 3 years ago, a Stelan directed me, using genuine telepathy (because some is delusional I suppose), to reading up on the Georgian Guidestones, a set of granite monuments put up mysteriously by a bunch of anonymous people, all believed to be extraterrestrial. Built in 1980 (not far from the Meier era) and written in 8 languages, the guidestones are like the 10 commandments without the burning bush or Mount Sinai. But in particular the first principle recommendation is to maintain a world population of 500 million people. Alas, these are the same Pleiadian as before. And interestingly enough, the 500 million figure is bandied about by the elite members of the New World Order such as Ted Turner, CNN founder, and Prince Philip, husband to Queen Elizabeth II. I looked into this mysterious Stelan further, as I often do, and found him to be a third-rate earthborn loser who went around telepathically implanting ideas into defenceless lightworkers, especially those eager to make contact with ETs. And then it became obvious that the Georgia Guidestones were just another piece of Pleiadian propaganda. Of course, now the term Pleiadian has as much a substance as a three dollar bill.
Then the irritation finally started to sink in when I would get these Pleiadian message videos from YouTube and I skimmed through them as a favour to a fan of my work. I thought it only fair that if they were watching my videos that I might watch one they really liked once in a while, knowing that it was probably more UFO deception and lies. But I listened to one Pleiadian message about brotherly love and what will happen to all the wonderful children, but, it turned out, that the message contained some information from my video discourse, almost word-for-word. Now, one thing is true is that my videos are proprietary (at least say 95%) and my information comes from my own research and ideas. I am not told anything and then I repeat it. So for a genuine Pleiadian race, assuming they are advanced enough to build an interplanetary craft (which I haven’t been able to do), to use my information taken from my public video (and not to give me credit, thank you) and to use it as their own, well, that was it. We are dealing with a deception.
Finally, I made a offer to the Pleiadian people (through their online surrogates) to contact me in any way they could so that I could clear this up. I have had many races contact me. It is very easy. If they use telepathy, which they have demonstrated to do so and most races do so, then it wouldn’t have taken much effort. Plus, a genuine Stelan is aware of others who are friends of Stelans and so would find no reason not to call. Cut to the end of the story, they didn’t call. And so I looked into it myself. I tried to call them. No one was home. Why? Because the Pleiadians are not a race of people. But those with that particular stock of Aryan DNA share their DNA with others who belong to elite circles of power on the earth (part of some eugenics program). But if you were to chase the line to the end you would find some earthborn moron at the end with a test tube in his hand. Did the Pleiadian DNA come from the Pleiades star cluster? No.
There are many cultural characteristics that all Stelans share and I have discussed many of these publicly. I have found none of these shared cultural traits among the Pleiadians starting with the need to call themselves “Pleiadians” (or whatever) or to even suggest that they come from the Pleiades. Making video messages is incongruent with Stelan behavior and then using hippy love terms is completely outside of Stelan behavior. I have met many Stelans, I have neither their name or place of birth. And I didn’t need it and I didn’t ask for it and they never offered it and it was never needed. A name would be used in certain circumstances to facilitate human interaction but usually a basic earth name would be used like “Fred” and not a fancy name like “Agrar the Supreme.” Names are egotistical and Stelans are egoless. In fact, a genuine Stelan is egoless and the less they say the more genuine they are (which is a big problem with a UFO Disclosure whereby humans expect Stelans to make it all happen).
One final issue deals with the intermixing of genuine exchanges and fake exchanges between humans and ETs. It has often been the case in my experience that a genuine encounter would take place only to be immediately followed by a fake encounter. The fake encounter misinforms and deprograms the individual without the individual recognizing what is going on. I experienced this many times in my early days and I can tell you that until you learn better you won’t be able to tell which side they are on. The dark Stelans, as well, are not always ETs. Oftentimes they are made up say NSA agents dressed up to look alien or sorcerers projecting disguises and streaming false ideas. The deceivers are proficient at what they do because they have been doing it for a long time and often scour some UFO chatroom to listen in on what are the hot topics, only to use these topics for further deception (including using my videos!). And the chatrooms and videos often have undercover agents or patsies who are programmed to deceive. Admittedly, the UFO business is a sewer with only a few survivors who know what’s going on.
To date, no Stelan has ever provided me a metal sample. And I’m not sure how to feel about that.
All the evidence summarized here, points to a large Pleiadian Deception starting as early as the 50s with Adamski but then really taking shape in the 70s. If you think you are Pleiadian you might as well think you are Jesus or a sewing machine. It would amount to the same effect. Delusional thinking. Thank you for listening.

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