Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Galactic Federation of Light MAY 11 2013 Centaurian Anitheiess Jackson

Published on May 11, 2013
What you know now is being dramatically altered, in your choice to keep ascending beyond all lower density realities, where you are no longer looking for more information to fulfill you, as this is naturally happening already. The feeling of gratitude that you embrace as you are rising more out of the dimensions of fear is then giving you more of a warm comforting feeling to reach to connect with those star seeds, and light workers around the world. Reaching a few thousands of souls, leads to millions that are open to the new realms of the higher dimensions, as this is how the energy grid points are activated, and reached into more of the multi dimensions. There are intense levels of high intelligence going on to create these messages for you daily, as who I am as your Commander Ashtar, of who we are of the angelic realms, of the Galactic Federation of Light, there is only a core expression in our light team. Those saying they are from our galactic team will show many years of service as an awakened being of light, in which this is clearly earned from your devotion to rising and uniting more of the source frequencies. These words are ancient information meaning the source of who we are as your galactic crew shows you this as true in our consistent information that is given to you.

This information is not to change you, but to allow you to see the natural changes of being in an ascended state, and from this awakening, you are able to tell more easily what is not in an ascended state of being. This is in no way a judgment, from the 3d mind, but a reality of those souls either being light or in those going away from the light, as it is as clear as day which souls are peaceful, and which are not. This does not mean that souls being chaotic are not able to choose being in a calm existence, but from free will each soul has this choice, as your role as a light worker, as a star seed is to continue to be upholding the space for the light. That allows those souls that are actively awakening now to soar into a higher conscious reality, where you are shifted more into your divine self, where you are no longer looking for approval from another soul to be peaceful within yourself. You are allowing your own being to be upgraded more into the light, as the head start you have on most of humanity in your ascension is in first knowing that it is possible to have a state of full consciousness. So much of humanity have been lied to and hold onto the falsehoods as true, which limits the evolution of such souls, until they release the realms of duality, and separation, for harmony and oneness. Talking about oneness on a planet full of wars, and chaos is often trained by the Cabal to laugh at such a reality, as indeed it is a far distant reality to the human race now, as it is a leap in evolution.

That is why you as a star traveler are here, as you are the evolved souls from the future, that have experiences in oneness, and you came here to the Earth to help to bring in this new reality of peacefulness, and unity. In unity consciousness, then the quarantine is lifted from this world, and you are then given a clear responsibility to be more centered in your own conscious self, then knowing that you have what it takes to carry out this mission. It is not important to talk about your past lives, before you are able to complete your mission, as the talents you have accumulated will, and are being activated the more creative you are daily. As being the creator, it is your role to create, and to create in a state of oneness is your strength, as when you create for the purpose to divide and conquer, you will see, and are seeing that this is what keeps you in a state of oppression. You then oppress your own self, which is similar to placing an anchor on your own back, and then you act as if you are better than another soul from ego, then die, and are reborn until this same reality, over and over. Awakening beyond this is where you have this opportunity now, it only comes around a few thousands of years to evolve beyond it, similar to being at stage 100, you fall back to stage 1 when you die before ascending to full consciousness. Your soul has all of the experiences, yet in these realms, then karma keeps repeating itself in your life experience, until you reach stage 100 many thousands of years from now.

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