Thursday, May 23, 2013

Galactic Federation of Light MAY 22 2013 Centaurian Anitheiess Jackson

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Published on May 22, 2013
In the entering more in your true reality in bliss, you are discovering the harsh reality of purely ego, with a superior or inferior type of living, as you have deserved this moment, it's no time to focus on the ego's thought forms saying, "Why am I still alive? Why was it them that died, not me?" You are highly important in the activation of this Earth, as that is why you are still here to see this, to awaken more into it, as you will not be able to if you are feeling it will come in a distant timeline. No, you are being asked as a star seed, as a light worker to open up to the reality of there being no time, and what this allows you to do for even one moment is to accept that you are the light source, as you enter into a space of gentleness. Out of space and time, you are free, where you accept your own centering, to know that you have always been focused on your return into full consciousness, and there is no need to focus on any other reality. To feel that you will die one day in the future, then you are giving away your power, and you see that there are no acts of disharmony that is able to stop you in your own full ability, as being a newly awakened ascended master. It is necessary to be aware that most of humanity are unaware of such information, and are still in the fading power of the Cabal, as to talk about who I am as your Commander Ashtar, of who we are of the angelic realms, of the Galactic Federation of Light, most humans will say with ego, "Who is that? Aye aye Captain. Beam me up to your ufos. Star trek? LOL."

As you notice these are the patterns of confusion, of no true reality of who we are as your galactic family, this is not about beaming up souls up to our star ships, when an unfolding of a great evolution is going on. That is disturbing the free will zone, while it takes a soul awakening to travel this universe with who we are as your galactic family, as you are able to see that you are able to continue evolving into your ascension. Those souls telling you that ascension is over already, and there is nothing more coming are lying, clearly, and you know this as you feel more peacefulness in your own inner self daily. The outer drama is traumatic to witness how many souls are exiting the physical, but be assured these souls are eternal, and will be given more opportunities to keep going, and have endless experiences in the physical, and beyond. There are no stops to who you are, as the Cabal have developed the whole focus of fear being based on humans mainly existing in the fear of death, along with the many creatures that exist on this surface world. You are always cosmically connecting more with your own inner being, which gives you a deeper sense of clarity in being here, as a special agent of light, as there is no need to focus on those souls that will say with ego, "Special for what?" This is taught conditioning of the Cabal, which focuses on only confusion, never knowing for sure, but just guessing, as you notice souls that talk in such a way, "I guess that's how it is huh? LMAO," are mainly souls unawakened to who they are.

Such souls have a long way to go in their evolution, and the most mature souls of you will be able to ascend in this lifetime, as there are no times for jokes here, the Cabal are already executing souls, causing destruction, as if you feel that is something to joke about, then you will continue to remain confused in this whole process. Your own process of accepting your guardianship role is in knowing that you have been here before, you are not here to reincarnate over and over by your choice to ascend into full consciousness. That ends the cycles of reincarnation, as you know it, you are then able to exist in your divine self in your light body, which is why your body is continuing to have an increase in frequency upgrades. There are many changes going on in your energy fields that is allowing for a successful activation of your own core, where you are then able to fully reclaim your divine heritage as the creator. You are seeing this in your own feeling to remain balanced now, to then stay sharp and complete your light work, as you notice how these messages are made for you in such an efficient manner. In who we are of the Galactic Federation of Light, of your angelic guardians, our focus is to simply be here and now, and then to take clear advantage of being able to complete our task for your planet. Our own maturity allows us to see the damages that has gone on your world since it's creation, in the beginning as you see it in the physical, while this is all able to be changed, is being done so, and the aim here is to clean up all of the pollution.

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