Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Galactic Federation of Light MAY 7 2013 Centaurian Anitheiess Jackson

Published on May 7, 2013
As you are being more restored into the dimensions of being cosmically ascended, then you are generating your own soul source to be more in balance with your divine nature, which extends into the eternal glory of your own true self. This is the immediate attention that you are giving yourself in knowing that you are here unfolding a sacred mission that has taken you through many twists and turns in duality. On the end of this spectrum is who I am as your Commander Ashtar, of who we are of the angelic realms, of the Galactic Federation of Light, as the importance of sharing such information with you is in completion of your sacred mission in duality. Your own return into full consciousness is your calling into restoring the nature that you know to be your own connection with the cosmos, as this is the rooted beingness of your own light source. There are no stops in you realizing more of your own conscious awareness, as you are combining the perfect levels of awareness to increase your own divinity as a result. As you are unfolding more of the gracefulness from source, then you are allowing your own inner self to shine as a pure light, which is then acting as a healing essence on this dimension.

Your presence here is magical, meaning in being a volunteer on this mission, you as a star seed, as a light worker are seeing the importance in your own inner awakening to embrace such a reality as true. You are the creator of it all, you create how fast you ascend, you however are realizing that you have combined enough energies from the cosmic upgrades of your travel through the multi verse to complete your sacred mission. In your inner activation of your role on the new Earth now, those of you that are first wavers are the ones preparing to exit 3d, while the second, and third wavers are still performing many years to come as you say for the light team. It is how it works where you hand off the torch, as you say, to those after you, that are all supporting the same divine mission, to help to harbor more of the frequencies of the divine consciousness. Your strength is magnified into this moment, where you are claiming more of your sovereignty, then placing your efforts to bring our galactic crew into a deepening in source. You all have help in your completion process, this is your ascension, meaning you have the level of comfortability that fits you on your climbing beyond the layers of duality. This inward journey is what you are feeling as true, as you are transformed beyond the cosmic center of your own being, then giving you more of a respectful nature to embrace as your own inner abundance.

There are no beings outside of you that are forcing you to ascend in this lifetime, no, you are choosing it every moment, in how you interact with this planet, in peacefulness, or in harm, as you are vibrating more into higher density in calmness. Your own gentle nature is what is giving you the necessary feeling of success in how you have made it on the new Earth, which is why you are consistently evolving at higher rates of being. As you are feeling the immediate cosmic upgrades more from source, then you are giving yourself an opening in vortex energy portals where you are now. This is closing the gap of all of the layers of separation, to then unite a deeper grid based system of oneness, of the band frequency of the divine harmony of your own natural self. It is important to realize that you are consistently being upgraded, it is not a yesterday, "already happened," kind of event, but a now merging with more of your abilities in your multi dimensionality. Such a realization is shocking at first to realize just how expansive you are in being from the stars, in being able to bi locate, for those of you aware of who we are of the Galactic Federation of Light, of your angelic guardians now. You are given the necessary assistance to awaken more into your true self, which is why these messages are made consistently, and directly to you as a worker for the light.

(Con't) by listening now...

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