Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Galactic Federation of Light MAY 24 2013 Centaurian Anitheiess Jackson

Published on 24 May 2013
You are able to keep seeing yourself evolve beyond duality, as this is not in using the 3d mind, which will often say with ego, "Yes, you and me all buddy. I just have one question though, who made you the emperor of this world? Sucks so many people listen to what you have to say, I disagree with a lot of it." As you notice these are all insults, they represent no light, but darkness in fear, separation, harm, and this is why most of humanity are in the rut they are currently in now, unable to experience the new Earth from such a decision. When you have most of humanity feeling the purpose of life is to "Have fun," then you have a world filled with a bunch of followers, completely asleep to their divine self, and why you were allowed to enter into physicality to begin with. This is why the Cabal have had the advantage over so many humans for such a long time, as you notice, it is of no fun to be shot at, to have thousands of children starve to death daily. Those stuck in duality still will say with ego, "What are you going to do about it? There is nothing you can do, so just stop it already, we know. That world is messed up, it's going take more than a few lifetimes to change that." Only such souls are unaware of their divine nature, and instead blindly support the Cabal, and will keep reincarnating, as to ask such souls, Where did you come from?

Such souls will say from conditioning, "I came from my parents, just as everyone else," as you notice that it is a truthfulness to such statements, however the parents are not the Earth beings, but our galactic fleet, who have seeded the human race, and we will remain the founders of this planet. It was created from our computer engineers, in who we are of the Galactic Federation of Light, of your angelic guardians, to show you that you are living in a hologram, a false reality, as this will shock those just hearing this for the first time. Most of humanity are unaware of how this Earth was made, so make their "theories," about the start of creation, which are so far from the actual reality of how it has been created, and are existing as if there haave not been efforts to spread the true history of this planet. The Cabal just burns up such files, which are pointless as all original copies are aboard our star ships, and will share such information to those of you preparing for more of the new Earth. It is of no importance to focus on such souls that hold onto the ego, saying, "I don't believe in aliens, sorry. LMAO." As you notice such souls are existing in their own misery, unable to see that such talk is from the Cabal, which often call who we are as one galactic crew, "aliens," and use their human shields to make movies creating fear of some type of invasion, when the invasion has already happened.

Those asking with ego, "Why haven't the hell you come to set the record straight? Are you not aware that children are dying? I see you pass by, take me home already..." are clearly unawakened to their missions. You came here to assist, not to flee before completing your mission, as you know this intuitively, as if you still talk in ego, saying, "I believe this, I think this, I think that," you are the souls holding up this planet from full ascension, as you are following the crowd of the unconscious humans, instead of knowing your own divine nature. You are no mind, as the mind only has "beliefs," talks, while you notice such souls that operate in this old program will continue to focus only on fearful ways of being, often saying with ego, "LOL, don't be so harsh, have a good time, there are no global collapses, you don't have a responsibility to spread anything about ascension. Who told you that foolish thing?" As you notice this is clearly insane, and your mission is in being on a foreign planet is to help the human race in a short time, along with your star seed, and light worker family, by creating yourself, and doing so with no need to repeat the same exact words over and over. These messages will never say with ego, "Love and Light," as this is a false made reality, meaning those that are unconditionally loving will have no need to focus on such a statement, and notice that such souls saying this are often very rude, and unkind individuals.

(Con't) by listening now...

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