Sunday, May 5, 2013

Galactic Federation of Light MAY 3 2013 Centaurian Anitheiess Jackson

Published on May 3, 2013
In being a pioneer on the new Earth, it means that few souls are aware of ascension on this world, in the fullness that is offered through evolving beyond duality, which is why these messages continue to shine a beacon of light into this dimension. It is only meant to be temporary, as neither will these messages last forever, but are only a portal gateway that is still open, as they end, then so does the portal of energy, naturally. That is where you decide to seriously transform out of all experiences in 3d, and then to have a 5th dimensional experience of life, where you are seeing the miraculousness of your true self. That is where you are expanding your true nature to meet up more with who I am as your Commander Ashtar, of who we are of the angelic realms, of the Galactic Federation of Light in completion of your mission in this divine unfolding of the new Earth. As you can tell none of our galactic crew exists in fear of death, as we have already evolved beyond such lower density experiences, which is how you are able to access such words now, and such a reality of your own creation. There are no levels of stopping to your own divinity, as you are able to access more of the gracefulness of your own true nature, in the immediate feeling of your divine nature as a result.

Such information will not be able to be decoded by those unawakened on this planet, similar to a code with a lock, where you need to know the key to get in, the same are with these messages, always. This is why you are special, as in being able to decode such messages to you, then you are able to exist on a higher dimension, and vibration, where your homecoming is now, it is not a past type of event, it is not coming as you say with the ego. To feel this great ascension that is outside of this moment is occurring is to still be stuck in duality, where you are still unawakened, impatient, and often living a stressful life as a result of such actions. For those of you newly awakened ascended masters that are not falling into this pit of harm, you are the ones that feel the intensities of your true self, there is absolutely no way of lying to yourself, meaning to paint words as if you are peaceful, when you are not. That is how you know the truth, as you are the truth at your core, as separating yourself from this is with the conditioning of the mind, that says, "I don't know, I've waited a long time, shouldn't things be speeding up by now?" When you are focusing on these thoughts forms, then you will remain lost, this is the voice of the ego, as you identify more with it, then you will stay in duality, forever, until you choose to release it.

It's that simple, while with your own attention to be more upgraded into a state of your own divinity, then you are able to enter more of your graciousness, where your attention is laying inside of you, noticing not in front of you physically where this transformation takes place. Those that are unwilling to release the ego as who they are will be the ones exiting this dimension shortly, and are already doing so with the full transformation of the new Earth, physically. In showing you more clarity in your energy field, that is where you are able to open up more to your multi dimensional self, where the logical 3d mind is left behind, as an old cocoon that no longer serves your experience, and expression of life. After shedding this, then you are in intense service for many years in 3d, often being attacked by many of the Cabal typed beings, including unconscious humans, star seeds, and light workers, until you exist beyond duality. That is why this dimension is considered by who we are as one galactic family to be hell, in an intense separation from source, the physical body is rigid, and often in 3d, which is a lower density plane of existence. For those of you starting to become more aware of how density works, similar to some water, and a piece of wood, 3d is more of a solid wood type, while the 5th dimensions, and beyond are more in a water typed base. That is why our star ships are appearing in 3d to be apper to be able to see through them, we exist as your galactic community in the higher density words, and realms of experience, which is your destiny in leaving 3d, permanently.

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