Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Galactic Federation of Light MAY 23 2013 Centaurian Anitheiess Jackson

Published on May 23, 2013
With your graduation from duality, you will be given major celebrations that will span around this universe, from the Sirius star nation, to the Andromedan, to the Arcturian, to the Centaurian, to the Pleiadian, to many more here to show you that your light work is appreciated, and is a huge favor to this sector of the universe. That is why I am here as your Commander Ashtar, of who we are of the angelic realms, of the Galactic Federation of Light to show you firsthand how this whole ascension process works, to lead the way in my multi dimensional self. Your own intake of such a process is giving you an expansion to be upgraded to know that there is only a pureness in how you expand more beyond the logical 3d mind, into your true self. Those that are martial artists practice their arts, those that are artists practice this drawing, those that are spiritual masters practice gentleness, detachment from ego, and you notice that just how there are various practices the end of violence is in your choice. There are many souls on this planet that will continue to say that they are comfortable fighting, and will never leave this, they often talk with ego in such a way, "I love to fight, I guess that's what I am good at, peace was never my first choice anyways." As such souls are clearly able to do this, just not on this planet, as the rising frequencies continue, but on many more in duality, and to feel that such souls will just go in their adult forms on these planets of duality is an error in consciousness.

If you are choosing ascension, then you are choosing to be responsible by going away from killing, and going more towards healing, as you feel the divine essence inside of you, as you notice these energies that you feel have always shown you the path into your true self. When you are feeling "down," then your spiritual self is always up, as the ego will always be "down," it is never up, as this is what you know as the ego created a world of poverty, it created a planet of war, of separation. When you have war on a planet for long enough, then what you have is a lack of information from entering this new program, which is extending beyond the fearful realities. Now that many of you are aware of living in a highly designed computer program, the only reality is your true nature within, it is not the personality, it is not your Earth name, that is similar to a sticker on your shirt. You eventually peel this off, as you no longer need to exist as if you are just one body, in one soul connection, no, as this is the limitation of duality, while in your mastery of your divine self, then you are multi dimensional. There are those of you awakened enough to have clear memories from your past lives, and in truth these memories are never who you are, but reflections of who you are, as being able to know that time is an illusion.

The way you know this is in knowing that time loops itself on your clock, as you notice, when you have a clock that repeats itself over and over, then to exist on limits during these times is to exist in insanity. While you are sane, then you are highly creative, and you make all of your energies rise out of the fearful natures of separation, to then know that you are balanced by your will to return to your own true nature. If you were already in full consciousness, you would no longer exist in 3d, you would be traveling space already in the physical, going to various universes in the physical. That is how you know those souls that are in full consciousness, and those in limited consciousness, as long as you stay limited conscious, then you will be only in 3d, reincarnate over and over, from male to female lifetimes to balance each karma recovered. Karma is cleared in reaching full consciousness, as you notice the simple changes in your life make the most levels of jumps in your evolution, as one act of kindness creates a higher level of your auric field. You are continuing to know that you cosmically take on more of a role on the new Earth in staying focused on your mission being every moment in this dimension, until you are returned to the future, in the physical. In truth, the new Earth is already done, as this is the past, and being in the past means that you have the ability to help more in the transformation of how the history of this planet is written.

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