Thursday, May 2, 2013

Galactic Federation of Light. Andromedan High Council. 1 May 2013.

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Published on May 1, 2013
Andromedan High Council channeled by Awahoo.
Humanity, we are of the Andromedan High Council. We are a collective unit of beings that exist on a plane of vibration invisible to your Earth plane vibration. Our hope for you all as a collective human race of beings is one of transparency in all ways political and governing. In order to do this each government official that has any powers at all must declare what he or she owns in office and out of office. They must declare their principle intent in matters related to their sociological and environmental needs. They must further themselves to be one with public heartfelt relations and public inner and outer needs without prejudice or want. No human being upon this Earth plane should have to endure poverty of any kind. Basic nourishment is without exception. No governing body should sit idly by to any Corporate or political whims in times of great hardship to their fellow Angelic brothers and sisters. Barbarism has no say anymore in any faction. Galactic unity begins with basic sovereign respect. Sovereign Respect comes in many facets but the two most prominent ones are: totality of acceptance and deliverance from limiting holds. Both are self explanatory. Consciousness in order to exist must expand. Human beings need expansion not power and holdbacks of any. The law of One is the most powerful law of the universe and yet it is the most simple. Unity consciousness comes into fruition first from the Cosmos and secondly by the individual. Unity consciousness is not separation for the sake of separation. Unity consciousness is at one with the primal and Galactic Centre Spiral of consciousness expansion. In a limitless universe there is the potential of constant newness and unwitting surprise as well as stillness and whatever you want the Galactic Centre to truly be for you. In Andromeda we entered a realm not too much unlike the one you are all spiralling on now. We had dark dark nights and bright bright days also. We discovered many things as we evolved as a specie and one thing we always hold onto and that is togetherness. We found the principle of togetherness could not only outlive and forgo other thoughts of principle but could even transmute and transmigrate to other planets and even galaxies. We discovered that when a principle is united with bandwidth of thought. A thought which is of the most organic can be the most powerful. Our vibration as a collective consciousness literally changed overnight and we like many Councils before us all agree that ideas that bond in any way must be first heartfelt and passion felt truly before they can transmit frequency waves to others. And so with that to other planets and star systems that are at the point of receivership of an energy wave or idea. Yes Humanity, something as simple as that, togetherness in thought and deed. A togetherness which means expansion, which means harmony, which means chaos for those that love chaos. The fulfilment of true Art and true Artistic tastes. All desires freed and harmoniously restored as a single entity. Yes dearest Humanity. Desire is an entity which has been split into many pieces. Some pieces get lost in the abyss, some stay true to Divine impulses and the will of One. As a diverse collective of spiritual aspirants and true artists in some cases. The human being spreads their flowery wings to fly into the most abysmal places to find a piece of lost desire and maybe even lose themselves in the process of looking into a world without a world. A true place of darkness. The spirited and true friends of Gaia-the seekers. Your planetary mother and keeper of the divine emerald key of magic and one-ness shines her emerald light for your return home after the great search, the great adventure, the great discovery and recovery of her lost pieces. Her energetic got bamboozled by unknown and unwanted quantities of celestial fire. The true Art of one-ness got dispersed and the great angelic souls of humanity fought their way through the various genetic and DNA pools to find those lost pieces of desire and have now reclaimed their true planetary friend and host of hosts. This is becoming truly one. This is what we mean by freedom to choose, freedom to search for those pieces as those pieces are you also. It has been a wondrous show of shows. A wondrous energetic display of powerful thoughts and waves of flow. Gaia and Humanity as one have pieced themselves back together. Now all will blend together as one. The fruits are in the bag and now, it is time to share those fruits among one another in hope and deed. Urgency and push through in the most powerful and passionate way as possible...

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