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Galactic Federation of Light. Elohim. 9 June 2013.


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Published on Jun 9, 2013
Elohim channeled by Awahoo.
Greetings one and all, this is the Elohim. In times gone by, we the Elohim were among you. We would appear in many guises in the form of many surprises. But now, we appear to you through thought and intention. As the human race descended into the shadowy realms, we as a collective group of Angels, were entrusted with the powers from heaven, to overlook any mishaps that may incur your planetary mother. For in essence, the human race is birthed and nourished by its own divine nature. Mother Earth is the unfolding of that divine nature, in order to transform and transmute the higher frequency when all is aligned universally within consciousness. Mother Earth gives to you what you give to her. She will reflect upon you what you reflect upon her. Now as that alignment takes place, the human soul will ease into that connective grace with their planetary mother, ascending her and that aspiring unfolding of the lotus within. It is a very powerful process in which we observe in awe, with you all that are flowering at this moment. You are truly up to speed and are magnificent beings for being who you are right now. This is what the ancients knew upon your earth. At certain times of the year they observed the planetary processes and were guided by their connection to Gaia Mother Earth, on various opening portal dates, that were calculated to unlock flowering secrets, to the soul and its position within the universe it was set in. As the human being approaches an empowering June Solstice we would recommend finding a sacred place even if it is just sacred to you and connect to a brand new connection. That will unfold, as we enter a new light field on the 21st June of your Solstice year of 2013. Bring a token gift to your planetary mother and let her know as she will know that connection is being made. Bless this in the most beautiful and soul feeling way you can and let the lotus unfold itself to an uplifting of energies and information. These energies will reinstate within you a galactic pathway and an increased cosmic viewpoint. Your position within your field of consciousness will rise lifting you within and without on the frequency gage. Connection will increase and difficulties will disappear from you even more so. It is truly a time for setting up new standards of grace, a commitment to true spiritual exploration and a conscious awareness of more things around you. A loosening up of restrictive holds and a more open based approach to things. And for the more esoteric among you, a complete new way of creating and affecting energy waves. Gaia is your Ascension guide and path. She holds within her the secrets of you and the many times you have walked upon her. She knows your grace and she knows your time. It is very important for aspiring ascenders to put in the effort and have a true connection with your planetary mother. Gaia is your ascension chamber so connect and be well with her. Work together and explore a wondrous flowering together. Be one with the garden and let that be your signal for the grand return. Those of you relying on quick fix technology to do the ascension work for you is a sheer indication that all is not well within you. You are still on the illusionary lack of Artistic wonder and calibre within yourselves, your outlook and lives. A painting such as yourself takes many a lifetime, to per-fect, and takes intention on your part to do so. A photocopy is not an original and so will never appear in any exhibition of worth. We of the Galactic Federation of Light have overlooked many a planetary ascension and in no circumstance have we intervened on a free will planet to enforce an artificial program on any being. Ascension is the most natural thing you can imagine in the universe. It is a flowering. You may not see the flower flower but it sure does, given the right light and care over time. Time is for a reason and evolution is for a reason also. It is all about finding your connective feet and walking upon this grand planet of yours with a glowing foothold, in order to inspire, accommodate and lead the oncoming of multi-dimensional enlightening souls that are incarnating now. It's a true organic process of the multi-dimensional kind. Frequencies are heightening and the cosmic rays of grace are filling your space. Be at one with yourselves, your animal guides and friends, the nourishing of your body and elementals, your planetary mother and your over-soul. Take from this message what feeds your soul the most and act on that nourishment. We are with you always so hear our call, be in our energy and connect with us also through music, inner thought or divine will. Blessings to each and every one of you. The Elohim.

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