Monday, June 10, 2013

Whispered in Woman's ear as she lay down - last night

Monday June 10, 2013 
3AM at Downtown Eastside Woman's Centre at Life Skills Centre by night 6PM.

The woman had no blanket just laying there and not causing a disturbance. I can her the one out of 5 officers whisper in her ear!
"don't let me have to drag you out of here, come with me"

Just before this was in action I thought to my self am going to have a cigarette, I got up to have
Alessandra (Brazilian) Zulu Queen, who said to me she is going blind from looking into the sun was two beds next to the woman.
 One of the staff was trying to tell her to keep quiet by hand gestures , but Alessandra waking up unexpectedly said leave me alone am in the middle of a dream get away from me!

When she was woken up by the traumatic and intense moment. (like a fox trying to take a chicken out of the chicken coupe without making a big ordeal.

As her and I kept a eye on what these officers where doing the staff did not want to welcome her back in to bed. On shift of the night staff tried to control leak of disturbance. (Vanessa).
It took two officers to hold her. 1 on the PC as he saw me flipped the monitor down, then back up and trying to keep cool came out of the vehicle because I kept looking at him every other second...

"Do you know Alessandra's last name?"
 the male officer asked as he was the one that could not feel comfortable once he saw how I noticed his movements.

Rider: "no"

Another question came up being posed to me.
Rider: "Am in the middle of trying to sleep leave me alone"

Alessandra and I end up leaving the shelter that night and went to a place where she stayed.
"the cops held me down before and hurt me"
"If my dad ask for me, say back to Brazil"

Badge #'s of Uniformed Officers in Vancouver
1. 2836/ Carrie
Was in side with staff observing

2. 2824/

3. 1678

Stalky he was on the Walkie Talkie communicating with their company while holding a cell phone in other hand...

4.  Tall light skinned
held the left arm of victim as the Illegally searched her pockets

5.  Go-T short brown hair/ W/Male
held the right arm of victim as the Illegally searched her pockets

License Plate Number of Paddy Wagon - 506 RDT
License Plate Number of Cruiser # 1 DR 8669
License Plate Number of Cruiser # 2 055 PJE

Bystander 1 - who says I get paid to do it -Colleen, - just throw her bag over she said to me about Alessandra

Bystander 2 -

Witness     1 - Brandy from Prince George

3 Vehicles of Mass Destruction (police cars) 2 cruisers and 1 paddy wagon

Alessandra: "The cops are bothering me by interrogation style claiming Verbal Assault. 
Rider: Look at how the MEN IN BLACK (cops) got here in. Now look around look at how we are surrounded by the same kind of cars on the street-do you see the mentality-there are no good cops, I don't care what anyone say"

Female Victim:  "leave me alone"
"We will  release her in few hours they said as I stood there close by taking notes and writing down as much detailed info amidst what was a controlled take down but clearly the female victim did not want to comply since I can see her non consent verbally saying to the officer - Stalky in build with glasses short hair.

Female Victim was dressed in jeans shorts, a black jacket, black hair, tied up in one at the back of her head.

exclaimed inside as woman sleeping, trying to sleep and maybe even just laying there trying not to be detected as awake as I sat up in my cot looking and listening at the situation (Rider).

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