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Poweful Tool for Removing of Entities (Demons, Discarnates/Ghosts and Reptilians)

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Published on Mar 10, 2013
WAYNE BREWER has with the help of multidimensional guides discovered an ability and developed a technique for effectively removing entities- discarnate spirits, demons, and alien Reptilians- and sending them to the Light. He is also author of two books: ''Are you Possessed? Now Is the Time for Divine Intervention'' and ''How Arcturians are Healing Planet Earth''.
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DIVINE HEALING: A Divine Healing is a way of accessing Divine Energy by calling on guides, such as angels, archangels, Jesus Christ, and the Arcturians to cleanse and remove attachments, dark-force energies, discarnate beings, and alien Reptilians that that may have found their way into your body or energy field (aura). They may be the source of physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual imbalances affecting you and the people around you. Once these are safely and permanently released into the Light, you will be filled with Love and Light to assist you in your healing process. Divine Healings work on four levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, and they transcend time and space. There is a six-week time healing period after having these entities removed during which you will still be cleansing the old energy and integrating the new. After first watch of this video you should have all of the entities removed and you will also get Jesus in you for 2-4 days that will help you to raise your vibrational frequency. After he leaves you will be experiencing some low points which seem to occur at around the same time in the process for most people and this is around 13th day, around 21st day and around 6 weeks after the entities has been removed. That's why is important to listen to this video every day for around 6 weeks so that you can go easier through this low points and to build up a strong auric shield that will protect you from the unwanted entities.
FOR THE PROTECTION from negative entities, cords and negative thoughts and feelings from other people we have to have a strong auric shield which can be strengthen by rising of our vibrational frequency. This requires a homework and work for everyone but this is much, much easier after having all entities removed.
Here are some suggestions on HOW TO RAISE your vibrational frequency: regular meditation is very important even if only 15 minutes per day, positive affirmation and visualisations, communication with our spiritual guides (but only with the one that are for our highest good), connecting with the high frequency multidimensional beings (ascended masters, angels, archangels, Arcturians and other galactic beings), focusing on love- love is the highest vibration, forgive others that ever hurt you, being fully conscious not asleep, switching of the negative thoughts to positive ones, ask others for help when needed.

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