Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Galactic Federation of Light JUNE 14 2013 Centaurian Anitheiess Jackson

Published on Jun 14, 2013
When you come to this dimension to complete a sacred task that few on this planet are aware of, then you know you have a serious role to perform on the new Earth, and this is crucial to your own awakening process, all interlinked in source. You have an energy signature, and what this allows you to do is resonate with those souls on your own frequency, and that is how you interact with the souls you do daily, in your own choice. You choose this frequency in choosing how you vibrate either into more oneness, harmony, and balance, or to go away from this by attaching to judgments, fears, and more hell experiences. Those saying with ego, "I don't know if the Earth is hell, but I imagine there is much hell here, I've seen some crazy stuff in my lifetime," you are here to activate yourself to awaken beyond the need to focus on the past, as judgments as the only reality you know, as this is where you are free. Freedom starts, and ends inside of you, and there are no stops to you seeing into the glorious nature of your true self, which vibrates with a pure sense of oneness. None of these words are as the ego labels, "Philosophical," and to feel that is the case is to be seeing these words through not the intention they are centered in, which is grace, but to see it from the ego, 3d mind, which is limited.

Naturally this will draw a number of emotions from each soul listening now, as those stuck in duality will feel anger, and say with ego, "Well, I was just giving you a compliment, there are a lot of great philosophers in this world, don't you know?" Then such souls will start listing all of the many philosophical leaders throughout time in the human history, unaware that that is not the point of these messages at all. You are here to drop the philosophy, and speak the pure truth, the truth that will allow all souls listening to you to rise into more of an awareness of your true nature, to then rise into a heightened sense of presence. This has nothing to do with what you eat, or how the mind sees 3d, this is however about how much you are connected to the inner energy inside of you, as this is as simple as it can be. There are no reasons to make this process more complicated with the 3d ego, which will say, "But I thought we are just lost, everyone is just a mystery, and we find out what happens when you die." This is the training of the Cabal to feel that you were designed to die to begin with, no, you were altered by the Cabal in your body frame, and in being from the stars, you have an advantage in knowing the true reality of this planet. In knowing such information you are here with a responsibility to spread it, and to do it abundantly, as the more souls are aware of such information, the more it will help the new Earth.

As you notice, there is a clear level of awakening going on inside of you now, as you feel a sense of warmth, and this is all from your own decision to vibrate into more unity consciousness, to free yourself from the harsh grips of the 3d ego mind. Your own return into a stage of completion is what you have planned for ever since you volunteered to come to the Earth from the heavenly realms, to incarnate into many thousands of years of duality. At the end, you graduate, and this ending is now, it requires no more lifetimes of reincarnation as you are seeing that you have worked super hard to uplift the vibrations of unity consciousness on this dimension. Your courage to leave the familiar in being in bliss, to come back into the past into duality has shown you that in your sacrifice, you have been able to see how important peace is, and how your own inner self is vibrating with more oneness as a result. In the feeling of acceptance of the gifts that you have to share more with this world, you are then able to keep seeing the end of duality on various worlds, as all are connected, and when one planet completely ascends, it gives more room for those able to with the ability to be heightened in frequency. Your will is stronger than ever before, as you see this as you are a regular listener to such messages, and have seen how much information has been given to you in a period of a few months.

(Con't) by listening now...

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