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Galactic Federation of Light JUNE 17 2013 Centaurian Anitheiess Jackson

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Published on 17 Jun 2013
You are strong now, you need no time to become strong, as you are seeing that this strength is always connected with your true self, as now is the time to claim more of your true nature, to complete your mission as a star seed, light worker, and human for the new Earth. Those unawakened will use ego to say, "The new Earth? Sounds more like the new world order, sorry if I am laughing at what you are saying. Who believes this stuff?" It is never important to focus on such souls, as you notice most of humanity will talk in such a way, as who I am as your Commander Ashtar, of who we are of the angelic realms, of the Galactic Federation of Light came here prepared to deal with such dense energies. The way you are able to exist beyond all outer attacks is to be resonating with a divine energy within, where you are seeing only the graciousness in your own light source be more lit up. As being the most mature souls on this planet, you have a crucial role to perform with such dramatic changes, and it is not about waiting till more changes happen to actually create the necessary changes through your light work. There are no robots here, writing such information for you, there are human form hands doing it, day after day, for many years, taking no days off, to show you the ability that we have as one galactic crew to exist in one form for you now.

If you feel that none of our ground crew have very painful feelings, and experiences for working super hard for ascension, you are mistaken, as it is from experiencing such daily pain that it is transformed into your daily messages. The end of such dramatic changes on your planet, as far as global economic collapses, social collapses, and political collapses is destined, meaning it has already happened, as to feel the future does not exist already is an error in consciousness. The future actually exists already, this is the past for all of our galactic ground crew, who have traveled back from the future, into the past to help this planet, and the human race to see the truth, and to be able to be prepared for such a collapse. Such a collapse is not about just getting some extra blankets, candles, food, as many star seeds, light workers, and humans are claiming will save you in such a collapse. No, this is pointless when you have martial law routines that are set up to order you from your homes at gunpoint, and then the food storage goes as you say, out the door then. Your only safety is in activating your true self more, as this goes the same way for how most fights are started, with ego, not with unconditional love, and you will see a disappearance of all serious workers for the light in the upcoming weeks, and months that are at the end of such a painful journey. It was never meant to have to stay in hell for a long time when you are a volunteer, meaning upon completion, you are able to exit right before more hell is created in your own reality.

Hell has been very harsh, and a damaging experience to be in for a few thousands of years, and to leave hell is a great feeling, and finally be able to travel again more with who we are of the Galactic Federation of Light, of your angelic guardians in a blissful nature is perfect. Those that are still stuck in duality will see all such information as the ego labels it as, "Crazy talk," and to realize such souls are the craziest of all, to plan to die, while we as one galactic crew see death as only in duality realms, and an insane reality to exist in forever. None of our galactic crew would have come here to the lower dimensional realms, if we were unable to help, and provide crucial information to you as the newly awakened ascended masters. Making no mistake about it, we as one light team are all highly intelligent, focused, working non stop, and connecting with as many souls about ascension daily, still interacting with those souls that say with ego, "You have some wild ideas," and still are able to shine, and express ourselves in a graceful manner, always. It takes a serious dedication to spread massive amounts of information about ascension in such a short time, as you notice few star seeds, light workers, and humans work as hard as such as we do combined as one galactic crew.

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