Monday, June 10, 2013

Galactic Federation of Light JUNE 5 2013 Centaurian Anitheiess Jackson

Published on 5 Jun 2013
Your own will is enough to keep your light work strong, as you notice the strength of these messages to you, and there is a clear intent every moment, now, and that is to be of service to the new Earth, as this is how you know that your serious focus is taking you into deeper activation stages of your ascension process. Naturally, you have come here to experience more joy, to finally rid your experience of the 3d, limited, one body, suffering, pain, harm, materialism, Cabal ruled settings, as this is the part of doing a huge favor for who I am as your Commander Ashtar, of who we are of the angelic realms, of the Galactic Federation of Light. None of you had to come here to volunteer, as you all originally chose to come here, and as a result of your choices, you have decided to come here to complete an important role. Most of humanity are clearly unaware of ascension, as you notice that is why you are the advanced souls, as in being aware, you have descended from the heavenly realms over a period of a few thousand years ago to be here on this world. Duality has never been your home, and it will never be yours, as long as you stay focused on your mission to create more unity consciousness, to keep ascending beyond all separated natures, beyond all ego attachments, more into your own divine self.

You are able to accept this more in your intent to keep rising beyond all of the past suffering, to then embrace your inner glorious nature, which springs forth with pure awareness of your inner presence. In your stage now in awakening more into source, you are no longer looking to have another soul tell you that you must ascend, no, it is always a gentle, smooth, and courageous process, where you are focusing now. Ascension is a never come back to duality reality, as this is why your decision is made daily, and in your practice now in how to allow this process to happen for yourself, it is never a mind set, that is ego, it is a conscious connection to your presence, beyond the mind chatter of separated natures. You know this, as the ego 3d mind will say, "I believe in unity, but I don't think it's possible in this life, sorry," and it is in knowing that you have the courage to release such dense thought patterns to know who you are to be united as one source. It is never a process in which you will gain access to your true self without detaching more from the ego, 3d mind, and this is giving you room to exist more in full consciousness, which is an experience beyond duality, beyond 3d. You notice that there are only graceful energies here, there is no fear spreading in who we are of the Galactic Federation of Light, of your angelic guardians, as it is all about informing you that most of humanity is not going to make ascension in this lifetime.

You are aware of this in your inner intuition, as well as your interaction with such beings, as the ones that are making it are practicing more detachment from the ego, 3d mind, and then feeling more respectfulness, seriousness, in serious through being kind, generous, and gracious. You are the most mature souls on this planet, and it is taking you into a focus to know this from within, as to feel that you are able to know this outside of you is an error in consciousness. From the training of the Cabal, you were taught that fear is "normal," and this is what has stopped most of humanity from evolving beyond duality, as fear is the very core reason for a low vibration. When you hold onto it, then it damages your auric field, shrinking it, instead of helping it to expand, as this is how you know that you have a clear responsibility to keep an open auric field. The more you are feeling the destiny of your conscious creations be made true, then you are fueling your own ascension process in awakening more to see only in unity. When you see in unity, you see in perfection, you see in evolution that is highly advanced, as the whole focus of you being here at this time is to help manifest more of this reality. When you notice the quarantine of this dimension has taken place from having a lack in unity, and as the result, wars, hate, separation, and hell, then this is where you exist beyond this state naturally as being from the heavenly realms, from our united galactic communities.

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