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Galactic Federation of Light JUNE 18 2013 Centaurian Anitheiess Jackson

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Published on 18 Jun 2013
In your own rise into more of a regenerative state of being, then you are able to see that you have travelled through many light years to be here, to then see the completion of a mission that has been led by who I am as your Commander Ashtar, of who we are of the angelic realms, of the Galactic Federation of Light. This is it, in only a focus of our combined efforts to connect with you more into your own activation process, to see the evolution of your new Earth be sped up more into a state of complete unity. While you are going more inwards to realize a sense of deeper connections to your conscious awareness, it is seen as a clear sense of flowing with pure awareness, as the 3d mind is unable to see this clearly. That is why the 3d mind is mainly confused, and always going away from intuition, to go more into logical thought, what it calls, "Tangible" realities where you are seeing your changes into full consciousness. It then goes through a list of how economies around the world are still in their current systems, and when talking about such a collapse, often denies it to be true. Naturally, this is why it is limited, it is unable to see the future is now in your inner knowing, as you are seeing your family of star nations, then you are seeing our presence in you now.

There was never any separation, as all of you that have come to a duality plane have only had it on your journey, and once you left the higher realms, who we are of the Galactic Federation of Light, of your angelic guardians informed you that we would always be with you. To feel that this is not the case is a lie, an illusion, and part of the amnesia that many humans, star seeds, and light workers have on this planet now, as you already exist in multiple realities at once. This is part of your ascended mastery, in being multi dimensional, as what fictitious realities fade away from your own vision, then you are going full force into a state of full consciousness in your choice, and focus daily on your ascension process. This is not stopping, this is actually happening, you feel it inside of you, as a sense of peacefulness that has increased since you first know that you have been activated in this dimension. Your own awakening process has been divinely timed to have you awaken just in time to experience the start of the new Earth, and this process is a sacred one, a divine one, a glorious one, as you have deserved to be here and now. Any souls telling you that it is as the ego says, "An accident," is a distortion in the reality of you being your higher self, choosing to come here to help with the ascension process. Every action that you place more into helping to create more of the new Earth is a great service to the universe, naturally.

Through a flow of inspiration that you vibrate with now, then you are able to keep feeling the evolving of a collective consciousness, to then be more entered into a state of grace, where your home is forever a blissful state. Ascension is about entering deeper into a state of complete bliss, and still experience physicality, in a higher state of awareness of who you are, and why you are here as a guardian of the universe. You have many various rogue extraterrestrial beings to guard to make sure that planets are not destroyed by beings that are of no unconditional love, as you are the Christ. The consciousness of your frequency is made more into a state of complete abundance, shifting you into a state of eternal unity, balance, and graciousness, as your true nature to instill pure oneness. There is a great leap in conscious awareness as you are claiming the inner feeling of your mastery, where you are entered into portals of more light, where these vortexes being created now are bringing in more light codes. These codes are similar to a rise in vibrations, as when you place an amplifier on an area, then you raise the energy field that you are entered into. As having a clearer way of awakening into more of your true self, then you are knowing that you have consistent help in assisting you into a stage of completion of your sacred mission.

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