Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Galactic Federation of Light JUNE 12 2013 Centaurian Anitheiess Jackson

Published on Jun 12, 2013
When you are dealing with non human beings on this planet causing extreme harmfulness, then you are aware of how who I am as your Commander Ashtar, of who we are of the angelic realms, of the Galactic Federation of Light are helping to remove such misused abilities to keep a healthy planet from being made possible. Removing the impossibility is our specialty as one galactic crew, and you are here to see that in the end of harmfulness in your reality, then you are seeing how creative you are naturally as a result. When you are looking over the ego, you are detaching from the ego, and this is the 3d mind, and that is absolutely necessary to ascend beyond 3d. You will never ascend beyond 3d, when you focus on only 3d, instead of being more in your own inner self, which is the purity that you expand into in this moment more. There are no ways to stop you from knowing this, when you choose for it, and to feel it is a game to be in hell, you are to continue to see the horrors of war, death, destruction to greet not only Europe, but the United States, and you are able to live free from all harm within. This is where you are naturally healed from every traumatic experience that you have, as you see into the depths of your own divine self, which brings forth a natural beacon of light.

For those of you star seeds, light workers, and humans feeling that these messages are anything but light filled are not able to see the importance in your own light work, and these are only for those open to such guidance. Those souls stuck in ego will never be peaceful, will always be hateful, fearful, controlling, and damaging to their own world, and everyone around them. The end of this is where you disconnect from those souls refusing to be serious with their light work, and this disconnection will show you how only those who are focused on their mission will continue to rise out of hell, into the heavenly realms again. When you have souls holding onto ego, then you have souls killing, murdering, and having no regard for respecting all of life, as this is why you are in hell on the Earth. It is not just those causing these acts that are living in hell, no, everyone on this planet is on hell, and hell is not some place outside of this Earth, it is Earth itself. The surface of the planet has been transformed from paradise into hell, and now is turning back into paradise, this time removing all souls holding onto hate, the 3d ego mind, and separated natures. It is of no reality to have those souls maintaining peacefulness, unity, and consciousness to interact daily with souls choosing to hold onto hate, and this is why you see many relationships fading away as you rise your vibrations.

The relationships that are staying are those that are centered for your own awakening, and activation process, as you are here to choose to assist those stuck in duality by your choice, while taking a step back from all drama committed by such souls. In your own inner feeling of aliveness, then you are seeing that you have come to have a complete feeling inside of you fulfilled, and you never have this outside of you, as this connection is always inside of you. As you allow yourself to be more balanced, then you are able to see that you are courageous for coming to hell, back in the past, to help with the ascension process, to help the hell realm vibrate into more oneness, and harmony. Making no mistake about it, those that are not serious about their missions for the light will try and distract you from this reality, and as you see, there have never been a stop in such messages to you since the start of them. Those saying with ego, "Oh, I am thankful you started making new messages again," are lying, and there are those star seeds, light workers, and humans working for the Cabal, spreading lies about these messages being copies from previous transmissions to keep you from listening onwards. If you fall for this, then you are being easily deceived by the same level of Cabal rulers that are planning on executing the human population in a short time now.

(Con't) by listening now...

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