Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Federal Emergency Management Agency

Welcome to Camp Fema!

Ever heard of the King Alfred Plan?

You know, the King Alfred plan drafted by the United States government to incinerate & exterminate Afrikan (Black) people in the event of a large scale “breakdown in social order”.

The Gehlen Organization, copying Hitler's New Order, established a concentration camp system in San Luis Obispo County. It was called the California Specialized Training Institute. It developed plans called the *King Alfred Plan, Operation Cable Splitter, Operation Garden Plot,* and *REX-84* and was later renamed as the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

In all Reality, the King Arthur Plan is another name for Rex 84, which not only includes Blacks, but now Includes, Conservative White Christians, Latinos, Patriots, as well as Libertarians. Rex 84 is a child of Operation Garden Plot- the First Anti Black Genocide program rounding up Blacks if Blacks engaged in civil Disturbances.

All it takes is a race war to automatically trigger the king Alfred plan. Blacks will be rounded up and sent to reeducation camps ,where those who can't be educated will be sent to the guillotines. The last thing you need is a race war.

Gil Scott Heron King Alfred Plan lyrics:

Brothers and sisters there is a place for you in America
Places are being prepared and readied night and day, night and day
The white boy's plan is being readied night and day, night and day
Listen close to what rap say bout traps like Allenwood P.A.
Already in D.C. to preventatively detain you and me
How long you think it's going to be before even our dreams ain't free
You think I exaggerate check out Allenwood P.A.
And night and day, night and day - the white boy's plotting night and day

The Jews and Hitler come to mind
The thought of slavery far behind
But white paranoia is here to stay
The white boy's scheming night and day, night and day
What you think bout the King Alfred Plan
You ain't heard; where you been man

Backwards Rider Show Before anything like that begins or happens the Galactic Federation of Light will appear out of thin air. Count your local lucky stars...

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