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Galactic Federation of Light APRIL 4 2013 Centaurian Anitheiess Jackson

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Published on Apr 4, 2013
Your own conscious awareness is showing that you have acquired the necessary skills over so many lifetimes to realize more of a connection to who you are to be the light, to be a representative of the light. It is important that you as a newly awakened ascended master are aware of the clarity expressed to you by who I am as your Commander Ashtar, of who we are of the Galactic Federation of Light, of the angelic realms about your ascension process. This opening to such information is only accessed by those who have had many lifetimes in preparation for such instruction, to be able to part such wisdom to you in a quick fashion, always while being at a comfortable rate for your own intake. You notice these messages are not two hours long, but are short for a reason, to show you that much information is able to be imparted to you as a worker for the light, while your own level of comfortability is reached. As you embark on more light filled moments, then you are realizing the multi dimensional part of you become more alive, as being alive is an inner feeling, not an outer one, as you realize you breathe, and intake from within, not from outside. As you are sensing, there is a whole process of your ascension that is linked to more than just one day, or one week, or even one year of activity.

For those of you newly activated into more light, you have a long way to go still, there is still much information for you to increase your own inner knowing of the light, as who we are as one galactic crew will show you this as true. There are no blocks in our ability to continue to be more creative with you, to show you the endless ways of creativity, feeling that such messages would be anything other but is to still be locked in duality. Duality tries to recreate from the past, while those choosing oneness will be accessing the eternal wisdom of their soul, which is who you are as your higher self, with no intent to separate, only an intention to unite as one. In ascending, you go into a future timeline, and realize even more oneness, as you will not be leaving any souls behind, as this is a 3d focus illusion to feel this is the case at all. As you heighten your frequency more, then you are seeing the veils in your experience leave you, in the immediate return of your own divine consciousness, which is fueling your existence in this moment. There is a divine unfolding that is going on still, there is still much being set up to bring down the system of greed, and to lay a solid foundation for those of you that are here as the star seeds and light workers. You all are having a crucial role to perform in this unfolding, as you have chosen to come here to assist at such a certain time frame, with the ability to access your consciousness, and your higher dimensional self during this time.

A large amount of effort by yourself is placed into more of your awakening process as you are leaving, and surrendering thoughts of fear, of jealousy, of doubt, of hate, of separation of any kind, and you are being given more strength to your unconditionally loving self as a result. You are not able to access this unconditional love by holding onto the divided nature of the ego, which is how in choosing to release such a reality, your whole holographic experience is able to manifest more into your divine self. Through courageous acts of service, then you are working efficiently, with much dedication, and compassion to then see that many souls need your help to awaken to their true self. You are not placed here with no help from who we are of the Galactic Federation of Light, of your angelic guardians, as if that was the case, you would not receive any of these messages to begin with, or know about our existence. Information about our existence, including your own unveiling of your own light work to be of service as a visitor of this dimension is helping you to see connections with our star ships, all the way to who you are as the ground crew. Did you feel you are the ground crew, if you are not here to spread important information? No, this is a detailed process, as you notice it is not easy to simply share such daily insight with you about your ascension process, as even composing these words is talked about over many of our galactic crew, before even processed, and written for you daily.

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